Are trigger / upgrades legal in Chicago?

Before I had my CCW, I upgraded the triggers and a spring for the two guns I planned on carrying. Seeing conflicting legal views, does anyone have real life knowledge of Chicago CCL laws? Both upgrades wear for accuracy and consistency and the tigger weight was barely effected, if that matters. I pray to god I never have to defend myself or family, but I’d rather be on mark, then have a single miss placed round.

Also… please go light on me, I’m new.


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As for your question, I can only answer w/ another question (Oh Jeez…here it comes)
" What is the need for Trigger upgrades in Chicago when it is Illegal to own a Gun? (or will be)"

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There is no law that forbids upgrades of your EDC pistol.
However you must be aware of that any changes made to factory configuration are on you.
You will be responsible to explain why you did those modifications and how they improved your abilities to defense yourself.

This is a theory. So far I’ve never heard about single self defense case where EDC modifications made anyone guilty of making those changes.
DA will use anything against you, your attorney needs to know how to refute these senseless allegations.

Just be careful with trigger weight. There is a reason your trigger has a certain trigger pull weight. Sometimes too less of pull may cost you too much. And it may be hard to explain when it needs to be explained.


I hate to say if there is any chance of a kick back, off to the gun shop I go. It’s a shame, I LOVE where my two (would be) edc’s are at. I know exactly where the walls are and strike with a crisp knowledge of the last one. I’m just more bummed because I really didn’t want to get a Glock haha. Thank you for the help.


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As long you don’t have striker fired pistol with 3lb trigger pull - you are good. :ok_hand:




Welcome! It’s a good question to research before going forward.

For your consideration (not Chicago specifically, applies to everyone)


Truth is when it comes to Chicago (or lots of other jurisidictions), no one can opine about what’s really legal or not until and unless you are charged and a Cook County DA decides whether to prosecute you. Then, you may get a chance to spend some more of your money navigating the appellate court waters.

It’s been said that there are at least five sources of law in the US:

  1. Federal criminal and civil laws reflected in statutes.
  2. State criminal and civil laws reflected in statutes. Which may be different than 1.
  3. Municipal and county laws reflected in ordinances. Which may be different than 1 or 2.
  4. Court rulings on 1, 2, and 3.
  5. Cop law, which are the laws cops on the street choose to enforce or ignore and DA choose to prosecute.

For example, in Colorado where I live, magazines capable of holding 15 rounds or more are illegal under state statures. Yet, go to any gun show and vendors will display mountains of standard AR, AK and other magazines with greater than a 15 round capacity. The shows will typically employ uniformed cops as security. Likewise, lots of LGS sell magazines with greater than a 15 round capacity. Why? Because, “cop law” in many areas of Colorado chooses not to enforce state statutes.


Still… none of those 5 sources forbid you from upgrades done to your EDC.

You only need to remember to be smart enough with those modifications. Are those really needed, how those make me be a better, more proficient defender… without jeopardizing firearm’s safety features?


@Ryan180 Welcome to the community :liberia: :liberia: :liberia:. Now with that said back to your question. Take a look at this link.’t%20ever%20modify%20your,those%20specifications%20is%20inviting%20trouble.

Also check out Tom Grieve on the USCCA YouTube channel, about your question, he has a very good response.

PS. Tom also has his own YouTube channel.


@Ryan180 Here’s a video from the USCCA with Tom Grieve about modifications to guns.:liberia: :liberia: :liberia: Have a good one. Al

YouTube Video from USCCA on Can I Modify My Firearm Gun?: Ask An Attorney

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The question I was responding to was whether a trigger upgrade was legal or not in Chicago. My answer is “You can’t know.” You are answering a different question.


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