Backup for my EDC

Yesterday at the range my EDC, a Sig P365, failed after one round. found our the trigger bar spring failed and Sig is sending a new one. Apparently this is not a uncommon problem with the 365 and I have shot thousands of rounds (7000?) with it. I am glad it failed on the range, not when I needed it. My backup is the Springfield Hellcat and now to the range for some practice with it.


Great example of two is one, and one is none.


In an ideal world I would have two identical copies of my EDC. One for practice/backup and one for carry and occasional practice just to confirm it is functioning properly.

I really like my P365 but would like to try some other options when time and funds allow to confirm it will continue to be my long term option before buying the practice/backup copy. I do have my home defense pistol, pocket carry pistol and an old EDC option for backup.

I do change many of the springs after 5k rounds or so on my defensive firearms in order to avoid surprises. But now most of my practice is dry fire and I don’t do a great job of tracking dryfire trigger pulls so need to take that into account.


Just got back from the range and got use to the Hellcat again, Also found that Sig had problems with the early trigger springs.


My opinion: Don’t rely on sig. Don’t buy, don’t own, don’t carry.

Buy a Glock, keep it stock, use factory ammo, and you’ll stop worrying about needing a backup gun.

Yes, I previously owned a 365. Two, actually. Sold them.

Or grab a Shield Plus


Sig is planning to be at 2nd Amendment McHenry,Il on the 29th and 30th this month and I plan to be there.

Interesting. Haven’t had any issues with my 365 as of yet, (other than the grip being too small for my hand, got a Wilson combat grip to fix that)

My backup if the gun fails in an emergency would be my folding knife and rusty hand to hand skills!

If it breaks at the range like you experienced, I have a Glock 43 that was my EDC until a coworker turned me on to the Sig.


Aaah, the spring. Have two extra. I also have a secondary P365XL as a backup too. I have the Hellcat Pro as well…I like or prefer my FN509 MRD as my backup. For whatever reason the Hellcat doesn’t shoot as well. I’m thinking of selling it.

You’re not married and live in Mississippi?:grinning:
Listing off all those might relocate a person to the garage. :wink:

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Nope live in AZ…the garage has all I could ever want in it.
My guns, 57’ T-Bird, chairs, tv, and music…and a fridge!!!

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