Sig 365 Recoil Spring Failure

I brought The Sig 365 over a year ago for EDC. I have added the flat trigger and 12 round magazines for more comfortable shooting and grip. Three months ago I brought the Springfield Hellcat in case something happened to my Sig. It took me awhile to get use to trigger on the Hellcat but now I shoot better with the Hellcat then the Sig. Might have something to do with the sights or that it is slightly “beefier” which gives me a better grip. Two weeks ago the Sig, at about every 6-8 rounds, would not fire and I had to rerack it to continue to fire. Ruling out the ammo I thought perhaps I missed cleaning or lubricating something so I reread the manual and there it stated that at every 2500 rounds the recoil spring should be changed. I must have fired 5000 rounds thru it so I ordered a new one and it works fine now. The Hellcat does not have the same recommendation. People that have more experience then me say that they do not have the same problem with the recoil spring with their guns. Even though the Hellcat is a copy of the 365 they seemed to have improved on it. The magazines are stainless steel which I feel is better especially if you are in a high humidity are. So now my Hellcat is my EDC and the Sig is the backup. I posted this in case someone is choosing between the two both are fine pistols but for now I feel the Hellcat is the better one,


Thx for sharing the information.
Yeah, the manual is a great source of maintenance info.
It’s a known fact that short barrel handguns need frequent recoil spring replacement.
Every 2500 rounds sounds not so bad… CZ RAMI2075 needs it every 1500 rounds.

Fortunately this is not expensive part. If someone doesn’t like to change it frequently and is willing to spend more money, flat springs can handle more rounds.


The first thing I do when purchasing a new pistol is order a replacement recoil spring or 2 and try to figure out the recomended replacement interval. They eventually wear out even on full size pistols and it is best to replace them before they do. Especially if you are counting on it in a potential self defense situation.


Looks like I am going to order extra springs for both and two for my 22 which most likely way overdue and figure to change them out once a year.


Learned something new!


@Shamrock , that’s a great idea. I thought I was the only one that did this. I always change from the plastic to stainless steel hoping they hold up better and longer.


I have had the Springfield Hellcat. Its a alright to take to the range but the one i had wouldn’t trust my life to it. The very first day it had issues. It jammed the second round. I cleared it, it shot two more them jammed. i cleared the jam. After clearing this three times, I loaded another magazine and used different ammo. It jammed again. Took it home cleaned it, went back to the range, same thing. And i noticed a rattle with or without the magazine in place. Also the magazine in my book had way to much play. i called Springfield, they gave me a RMA. Had it for 3 weeks. They sent it back to me. i took it to the range ran some ammo. It was okay but still had the rattle. In fact the rattle was louder then before. Any idea’s why the rattle?? To me no matter what gun you own the most important thing is will go bang every time you pull the trigger. Not only at the range but when you need it most to protect your family or your life.


Ever try these?

I’ve seen videos where they claim these will last over 10k rounds through a P365. They also reduce the recoil and are supposed to increase accuracy. I can’t confirm that, though, as I don’t own a set…yet. I do have the P365 and wouldn’t replace it with a Hellcat. That’s just me.

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