Uncomfortable with Hellcat trigger

I just brought the Hellcat as a backup for my Sig 365. Shooting a full magazine thru it is uncomfortable and actually hurts. Has anyone else have this problem and found a solution. Apex has a different trigger but I don’t know if it helps.

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Hmm–I have only shot one once. Didn’t notice anything–what is the issue specifically? is it sharp edged? Does it pinch?

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I’ve been a hand-gunner for over 50 years. The plain truth is all little guns are nasty little beggars. The only thing that helps is, If it fits your grip well. Then it will mitigate some of the recoil.
I have a Springfield 911 and it barely fits my hand, so it sucks a bit. And is not a pleasure to go through a brick of ammo. In fact I’m done after a few clips. But, my Taurus 85 tricked out with wolf springs and a Hogue grip is an absolute pleasure to pop off as many as I please.


It feels of the whole recoil goes through my finger and the safety digs into my finger. Might try a piece of electrical tape on the trigger tomorrow.

I’m having a similar issue with my new Glock 43X. The safety “trigger” is just proud of the real trigger by a bit and even on dryfiring it wears the pad of my finger. I’m going to take a Dremel or Swiss file to it and contour it to match the trigger when pressed. Should solve the uncomfortable issue.



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Some reviewers have mentioned that the hellcat recoils slightly more and has a heavier trigger. The Hellcat sounds like a nice gun but curious why you didn’t get another P365 for a backup to your P365? Would think that keeping the same mags and the same trigger feel would be big pluses over switching between different guns that are the same size and fill the same role.

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I could not get another P365 at a reasonable price and I had a concern if my primary weapon would need repairs and would not have a backup.


I hated that heavy hell cat trigger…
Borders on dual action heavy, heading that way…
I shot my friends hell cat and knew I made the right choice with my 365xl that I carry with an optic everyday.
I feel bad for you if you have that hell cat…
I would rather have my old 43x before that one…

I seem to be adapting to the hellcat trigger and shooting better with practice and advice from my pistol defense class. Trigger finger resetting is easy as it has a audible click and I’m ready to pull again. That advice was the single best information instructed to me in live, multiple target drills. I’ve only owned the hellcat for 6 months as my first firearm.
If you say the hellcat is hard to manage, I’m in for some easy sport with my next purchase.

Today I tried some electrical tape around the trigger. Turned out to be a VERY bad idea and I won’t try to modify a trigger again. The good news it was not as uncomfortable as before and most likely I will get used to it. Still waiting for my background check to clear to bring it home {four days and counting}.

Haha yeah that was my 1st thought, was going to suggest a bandaid or tape on your finger until you get used to it. Good luck

I wasn’t comfortable with the Hellcat either, @Fred30. The trigger didn’t phase me as much as where the magazine met the grip of the gun. That being said, if I could find one to buy right now it would be a good option for a back up gun. I’ve heard great things about it from a reliability stand point.

Hopefully the training helps “break in” your finger, and as others have mentioned, you can swap out the trigger.

Glad you’re able to train with a bug!


One thing to try is a pair of shooting gloves. True, you wont wear gloves if you are out carrying it, but if you are shooting it at the range, perhaps the majority of time you try it with some gloves, them shoot a mag or two bare-handed. And I dont think any of the big heavy shooting gloves are the way to go, they would just get in the way on a small handgun, but a thin set of gloves designed for dexterity that just provides a thin wear layer against that trigger.

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