Upgrading EDC....CZ 75 Compact or Sig P320/P365

Ok. At the risk of opening up a can of worms. I am thinking about upgrading my EDC. I currently carry a Glock like pistol. It is all stock and striker fired.

I have a friend looking to sell one of his CZ 75 Compacts. It has night sights on it, safety and no decocker. I have shot it and am way more accurate with it than my current EDC. Recoil is almost nonexistent so follow on shots are very quick.

I have also been eyeing a couple of Sigs but have not shot one yet.

I am also considering just adding a set of night sights to my current EDC.


Yeah… This thread is gonna be very loooooong with hundreds opinions. :wink:

So let me be he first :muscle:

You will be good with either one.
CZ75 Compact is indeed a low recoil shooter… but this is thanks to the slide riding inside the frame, not outside. And that makes the slide very low profile with little space for hand / fingers. Try couple dry fire drills if you are ok with racking the slide, clearing malfunctions with this pistol. I knew few shooters who found it so hard that they just gave up on this pistol.

SIG P320 vs. P365? Size and concealability preferences. I do not see other differences. Both shoots great and very accurate.

For weak hands - SIG for sure, I’d even go further and choose P365.

Night sights? Yes good choice for EDC. Perhaps the simplest option to upgrade your Glockish pistol and save some money. :wink:


@Jerzy Thanks for the advice on dry fire. I can do that as he let me bring it home. I have some snap caps I can run through it. I have no problem racking the slide to chamber rounds but never even thought about clearing malfunctions.

I am fairly lucky with what I can CC. Being just over 6’1" lets me carry larger guns. My current EDC is between the size of a G19 and G17 but closer to the G19. I have that in an Aliengear IWB and forget I have it on.

Thanks again.


Get a Gen 4 Glock 19. Add a set of XS Big Dot sight (Gen 2).

My Mrs. Shoots a 365. She lives it. I like it but my hands are to big to get a good grip on it. Shoots very well.

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I am DA/SA type person- my EDC is 75BD full size and 97BD both CZ. if anything I would suggest a CZ P01 with a decocker. light and very accurate.

I not a fan of Striker fired pistols-


I also just picked up a Aleingear IWB love it and you do forget you have it on. I cc a S&W 9mm Shield ez.

My point is that even you are OK with racking CZ75’s slide you may find it very unwieldy for you when you find yourself in stressful situation.
Fast reloads and clearing malfunctions while dry firing will show you if the handgun is the one you want carry everyday.

I did not purchase a P10 C because of the slide’s profile.

Agreed. I plan on going to the range with it soon. Maybe tomorrow. I have a few drills I like to run with my current EDC. I load 1 or 2 rounds in a couple of mags. I practice dropping and reloading without taking my wyes off the target.

I randomly work snap caps in that. That drill is much better if my wife goes. She loads the mags for me so I don’t know when it will happen.

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Nice guns. I really like the CZs. They shoot extremely well. I also shot my friends full size 75. Both have aftermarket sights.

My only problem with a Glock is the mag release. I shot a G19 Gen 5 at the range. Only had stock sights so shot very much like my Stoeger STR-9 in terms of accuracy.

The problem with the mag release is for me it is just too big. I have no problem shooting it with both hands or even off handed. The problem comes in when I shoot sinle dominant hand. Even focusing on proper grip my thumb basically rides it. I am assuming if I put larger backstraps on it that problem would solved.

But for me to put aftermarket sights on it I am getting close to the price range of the other guns as well.

I am trying to keep open mind on it.

Please note that I said get a Gen 4…no mag release problem…don’t change out the perfectly fine combat sights…

For a compact EDC look into the Sig 365 SAS, or upgrade you Glock.

Didn’t know the gen 4 had a smaller release.

How much of a difference do the new barrels on the gen 5 make over previous generations? Glock seems to be touting them as a big improvement but that could just be marketing.

A big plus on the Glock is weight and after market accessories.

Do you plan to shoot in Bullseye competitions at Camp Perry or stop a bad guy from harming you? An average person does not need a “competition” barrel.

You would probably not be able to tell the difference unless you had a Ransome rest.

Maybe you should just practice more with the gun you have. Purchasing more gear will not make you a better shot.

No I don’t plan on competitions.

Agree that more gear alone will not make you a better shooter some are worth the money.

While I am defensively accurate with my current EDC, I also know not all defensive situations are the same.

High contrast night sights can help you acquire your target faster than normal iron sights. A gun that handles recoil better allows faster follow up shots. A light gun may be easier to carry all day but may not handle recoil as well. A true compact gun will typically have a shorter sight radius then a mid size or full size gun.

Everything is about trade offs.

When I purchased my Stoeger STR-9 it was the best option available in the price range I could afford at the time. The original reason it was purchased was for home defense. That quickly gave way to me getting my permit and carrying every day. It is right between a G19 and G17 in size.

My budget, what I want to use the gun for, and what is available has changed significantly since my original purchase.

I try to do research before making any decisions. Since there are so many peolle on here who have shot longer than me I was simply asking for input.

If I had to choose between a CZ and a Sig for EDC, I would choose the Sig P320 AXG Equinox.

I just saw that the first time earlier today in an email from Sig. That is a nice looking gun.

I haven’t ruled anything out yet. I hope to make it to my local range tomorrow. I am going to talk to them about sight options on my current EDC and also adding to either G17 or G19. I haven’t shot a 17 yet. I will also see if they have a gen 4 19 or not. Not sure what they have to rent in the Sig line.

Thanks for the advice.

I suggest a G17 may be too large for concealed carry edc but, fine for a home defense gun (that is another rabbit hole).