Glock 19 Gen 5

No disrespect…just curiosity.
I’ve been working on dozens pistols, maintaining them, replacing springs… and I’m trying to find out if I’m missing something here.

There’re no plastic recoil springs, I’m guessing you’re mentioning guide rod. The spring by itself is measured in lb, like @mattm posted, so comparing to stock Glock one you will need to use a spring rated at +/- 40lb to be 2.5x stronger. And that’s weird and confusing.

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My wife is 64 yo and in good health. Yet, being female changes her requirements regarding equipment choices.

If you are in reasonably good health, your heavier loads choices should be fine for quite a while with the possible exception of 12 gauge vs 20 gauge.

BTW, selecting certain high quality 20 gauge loads will net only a 3% drop in stopping power vs 12 gauge. (Per various studies). A good exchange in my opinion as we grow older.


For your .50 bmg Glock conversion :laughing:
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WOW!!! That is a spring. Thank you


I worked in a shop many years ago that made those valve springs…yeah, that is surely a spring. We started with coils of wire that did not want to get quenched and tempered and would try to kill us every chance they got.
We tempered them in baths of molten lead… should have started an ammo business on the side🤔
I worked with a guy who loved springs. He quit his job at our helicopter shop to go make half the money managing, I kid you not, Springfield Spring in Springfield, MA. Art used to say "sooner or later, everything gets a spring in it!":laughing:
Working on cars, bikes, and firearms, you know, I’m starting to believe him.


Thank you. Appreciate this information.

Glock has some hidden things going for it beyond its reputation. The Glock can easily be taken down and serviced without any serious tools. M&Ps, for example, require sights to be removed to gain access to the striker block. Glocks come apart like legos. A motivated individual could do a deep clean of the gun (not that it’d be necessary) with very minimal tools.

It may seem like a gimmick, but I like how Glocks hold the striker at about %60 tension instead of 95% tension. The idea here is an extra safe action. The Glock basically functions as a double action only gun with a lighter trigger. (I’ve heard Steve from Brownells reaffirm this). I felt better about Glock when switching to AIWB.

Glocks can be easily upgraded, BUT the most reliable Glock is the Glock you get out of the box with Glock parts.

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Shadow Systems has the Foundation series now, budget line which is a direct competitor to the Glock 19/17.


:smiling_imp: That was a Glock :point_down:

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:smiling_imp: That was a Glock :point_down:

But was it a Gen 5 G19?:thinking:

Do you think his dong did care what generation shot it? :thinking: :grimacing: :sweat_smile:


My Gen: Don’t point it at anything you don’t want to destroy.
Reason I don’t carry AIWB

This goes in wrong direction… this thread is about what to blame G19 Gen 5 for… not AIWB carry method. :wink:

However we can combine both… AIWB is not a good for carrying G19… because there is no thumb safety. :smiling_imp:

Makes me cringe everytime :joy::rofl:. I don’t remember the agreed upon consensus of that one. Not sure if it was the holster or his undershirt. Saw a comment saying the guy was trying to sue Glock. Not sure if that was true.

In all seriousness, Glocks are known most for NGs because #1 they are the most popular handgun in the country. #2 there are a lot of documented NGs from Glocks amongst police switching over from Barettas.

Oooof, but when you forget to reengaged the safety on that 3ib 2011 hair trigger and start throwing it back in your pants…

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Forgetting reengaging thumb safety on 2011 would be like forgetting to kiss my wife every morning. :no_mouth:

Forgetting is not an option :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I tried a glock 34, didnt like it. Sold it and got another Canik TP9SFX.

Now im looking to get into the 10mm side for when i road trip to the nothern states and am out in the woods…

Lots of platforms out there but im leaning towards the Glock 40 Gen4 MOS. One main thing i didnt like about glock was the sights.

I’ll probably carry it to become familiar with it but it would no be a primary carry except in areas where 10mm would be prefered… Glock, simply because it is a glock, they are rather well proven. Even though i love how the M&P 2.0 10mm feels, I feel it is too new and could use some work…

Not a fan of Glock, but its seems to fit what i want in function so I will adapt to it for the time being…

Be careful when posting pictures of your firearms, so make sure you don’t post the serial numbers or any thing that makes it identifiable to you.

Big tech keeps databases for pictures that may become problematic and they do share with law enforcement.

I have a number of .45’s, but my SD weapons are Glocks they are reliable, go bang when I want it to, and I am not going to have a heart attack , in the wake of a defensive use of my .45, if they confiscate it for evidence. I have some number of .45’s that is > than 0 that are extremely expensive and are irreplaceable. So losing a $500 to $800 dollar handgun is doable.


Thank you. I thought my picture was blurred enough not to read serial nimber. This picture replaced
it, not my picture any longer, but the same firearm.

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