The two stage spring in the gen 5 Glock 19

So I had heard of needing the two stage spring replaced with a single stage recoil spring due to failure to extract. Well, I’m doing the break in and it loves the 147 gr HST (not +p), the spent casings landed in the next zip code.

The 100 gr critical defense lite and 124 critical duty would get hung up like a double feed with the empty.

Interesting on the flip side is the 43x with a tango down extended slide lock would lock back in the middle of a mag when shooting the 147 gr. The first two I assumed it must have been me sweeping it up somehow but the third I kept my right thumb on the outside of my left thumb knuckle so it seems it would be an quirk of the platform or the aftermarket slide lock.

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I have shot a lot of 147 gr HSTs through a Glock 19 gen 3 and a non x glock 43 and haven’t had any issues. Have also shot a bunch of other ammo between 115 and 150 without any issues in either one. Even shot a bunch of crappy Remington UMC that had the bullets tumbling out of the barrel of my 19 and key holing at 3 feet away but the pistol still functioned with them without any hiccups. Just couldn’t hit a broad side of a barn with them past 20 feet or so.

Can’t speak to the gen 5 springs but aside from the longer grip and larger capacity I don’t think there is any functional difference between the 43 and 43x. Though I only have the factory standard slide lock on mine.