Decided to purchase my 1st Glock

Striker-Fire Journey
I will forever be a 1911/2011/DA/SA person. I have bought three striker-fired pistols: the first was a Sig P365 XL, and the second was a Walther PDP Pro SD with dynamic performance trigger. I could not get comfortable shooting them; it was the Trigger and snappy. So I gave up until May 4th, 2024, when I bought my 3rd striker pistol, a Glock 19 gen 5 MOS. I don’t know anything about Glocks models, and I never really cared for them; I thought they were good, but not for me. I was wrong. Watching videos of YouTubers talking about the grip angle or how Glock is not innovating almost sounds like how folks talk about the 1911 “blasphemy.”

Why did I choose a Glock?
Because Glock has more aftermarket components than most other firearm companies, I decided to take what I learned from the sig and PDP and create a striker-fired pistol I would like to shoot and EDC.

Aftermarket Parts
The goal is to keep as much stock as possible. I added a Jonny Glock combat trigger. The Trigger is an OEM Glock trigger that Jonny tuned, which is the best way for me to explain it. Last, I added the Radian Ramjet, Talon grips, and sights.

Shooting and Performance
One more time, I was wrong about Glock. I can shoot accurately at 25 yards, hitting an 8-inch target. The Trigger is no 1911 single action, but it shoots fast, and follow-up shots are fast and on target, especially with the ramjet comp. Drawing from the Tincore holster is easy, and shots are on target. “7-10 yards draw time 1.89 seconds all A-zone hits.”

I am impressed with the Glock 19. Even with the aftermarket components installed, it is very reliable"600 Rounds". Configuring the Glock how I like to shoot makes a world of difference. Learning and expanding my knowledge about different firearms is a passion of mine. Glock, 1911, and AR15 are the firearms you will find parts for, even if the world goes to sh@$#$-my mindset for mow. The Glock will be part of my rotation with my 1911 after a little more range time.


Nice and with a Tenicor holster too! I’ve been practicing my draw with the Strikeman laser cartridge and of all the holsters I’ve tried it’s my favorite.

Would you recommend the trigger? I’ve been contemplating getting one for my G19. Even on a bad day I still hit within a silhouette up to 25 yards but seems like a lot of my problem might be trigger related…admittedly a lot of that is probably just getting out more and slowing down but nonetheless.


Can’t go wrong!


That’s the ticket right there


My trigger requirements were to remove the slop in the Trigger, have a well-defined wall, and have a tactile and audible trigger reset—Jonny Glock, complete trigger assembly + striker, and safety plunger met the criteria. I do not care how light the Trigger or pull weight is; those metrics don’t matter to me.

Is it worth 200—that is, on the individual. I can say it is not going to make us a better shooter. Only time, practice, and good quality/informative firearm classes can do that. I like the Trigger because it has a consistent wall and reset; I mean, it is always on the money. I went through 250ed the first day out with the Jonny Glock trigger -JGT is 10X better compared to the factory OEM trigger, in my opinion.


Exactly what I wanted. On my G30 I changed the trigger shoe and connector. On my G35 I changed all the springs and connector, but it is for fun only, 2.5-3lb trigger.
My DR and CR920’s I was going to change out the trigger/plunger spring/striker springs but they are getting better the more rounds I put through them.
My PDP-F, I have trained with it enough that I prep the trigger on the draw so I don’t notice any slack.


Awesome thank you! I’ll have to consider it then. From what I was reading it seems like a pretty good one. Too bad you can’t just sample it before buying lol $200 isn’t going to break the bank or anything but I’ve been reluctant to do anything and then find out I should’ve done something else.

To be completely honest the triggers about my only complaint with Glock. Even then I think you can adapt to it to a certain point. Again thanks for your input on the Jonny Glock trigger!


I agree, it is fun to shoot, but I still prefer my DA/SA Beretta’s. I have shot a number of striker-fired, and i just do not like the triggers.


from all i’ve heard about this firearm…

gotta replace dang near everything in or on it for it to work well???

so why buy one???

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Great question. I am traveling to different states where I can carry. My fear of the airlines losing my check-in bag with my 1911 is one of the main reasons I bought a Glock. Plus, Glock has many aftermarket parts, and I can configure it how I shoot. The non-OEM part is the barrel and sights. the trigger is OEM; it has been
tuned by Jonny Glock as written above.
If Glock had a trigger like JGT i would not have chaned it. It makes a big difference in my opinion. Glock new proformace trigger is not something I would use for a defense firearm.

Yes i changed everything :laughing:


To buy my first 9mm, I went to the range that let me pay one rental fee, and try every 9mm they had in their rental area. The Glock 19 Gen 5 worked best for me, so I purchased that one.

I do not have an optic, and my model is not the MOS anyways. If I knew how (no hand skills here), I’d swap the sights for Tag Precision. My Hybrid Holster is not made for a sight or a light.

I don’t mention long distances in yards. I don’t have a good long distance with it.

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If you mean Glocks, you heard 100% incorrect.

The absolute best, most reliable, most bet-your-life Glock you can have is 100% stock other than whatever you do for the sighting system and maybe a grip tape/stipple/backstrap change to fit your hand.

Internally, mechanically, the very best Glocks are stock.

People just like to modify things because they don’t want their pistol to be exactly the same as every other person who shows up to the class/competition/range and because people feel they need fancy super light crisp triggers for self defense even though they really don’t.

Stock Glock is best Glock


One of my two favorite YouTube channels. Why a favorite? 99.9% non political (at least all the videos I have watched so far).

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Watch these before. All my EDC pistols are in 3.5 to 5lb trigger pull. I do not seek out the lightest trigger pull. All my 1911 and 2011 have a 3.5lb trigger with no deviation. My Glock, I check with my trigger gauge, is 4lb. The only pistol I own that has a 2.5lb teigger is my LTT Berratta in single action and Double action is 6lb.

I am constantly practicing trigger control rhythm. 1,2,3 1st pull 3 4,5 rest 6,7,8 follow up…

Remember i am using a GLock OEM trigger… not a aftermarket one

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I’m reading now about the $200 heavily modified Johnny Glock trigger…it sounds less stock than some of the aftermarket triggers.

I’m just glad to hear you are aware of, considering, and measuring the trigger pull weights after all


Nice and you will enjoy the Glock 19. I have both the Glock 19 and the P365 XL. I have never used/ or practiced with a 1911 but I would like to try it.
For me, a 38 Special is not comfortable as my hands are tiny and the barrel was a little to heavy.
I do love my 30-06 Ott. It was my Uncles and the first rifle that I learned to shoot.


It is still all Glock triggers, just polished, removing all the burs and minor tweaks.

Compared to a Timney trigger that is fully redesigned from the groud up -metal trigger and all the adjustments. Jonny took Glock’s trigger and made it a little better. That is why i did not go with any other trigger. The reachsearch I did points me to Johnny.


I agree with @Nathan57 100%… Stock Glock is great as long as we practice… I personally like consistency in a trigger. A standard Glock’s trigger can be that, I think.


I agree 100% with your assessment. I also learned that having different calibers is also a must. I have an upgraded G2C 9MM,Ruger Security-9, and a Canik 9mm . I also purchased a G3C and Glock 23 5Gen both .40 cal .