Glock 44 .22 LR, Lets hear your reviews and opinions

I aquired my personal G44 immediately after it was released and was the first to acquire one in my home town.

As of this post I am right around 15,000 plus rounds with 100% pistol reliability, the only issues I had were 100% ammo related to ammo, I got a brick of Winchester 22’s that had some serious issues with igniting, so much so that I tried some of them in 2 other 22’s and had the same results so I will not hold that against the pistol.

I did a mini torture test on this pistol as it was new to the market and was curious if it led up to Glock reliability, I fired 5,000 plus rds without any cleaning.


Now it’s time for cleaning :smirk:

I’ve heard only positive opinions so far.
I’m not a Glock fan, but I’ve shot this one few times during classes. Great teaching tool for beginners, who are afraid of recoil or cannot find his / her new first gun. Fun to shoot. And the most important for me, it has the same dimensions as 9mm Glock.

5000 rounds without cleaning? So you’ve done part of a Ruger test. lol

It looks pretty good in there. Did you do any oiling?

@americanwolfman actually did 15,000 rounds.

@americanwolfman - you’ve given us raw facts. What do you think?

I have been contemplating swapping my Walther P22 for a Glock 44 (not an even swap).

yes i"m actually over 15,000 rds, and working towards 20,0000

@OldGnome I have a Ruger MK2 that we have hade for years as well as a S&W M&P .

Between those 3 .22 pistols, hands down the G44 has been the most reliable of the bunch. My only real complaint has been the factory sights do not shoot POA/POI at 25yds. The G44 consistently shoots 3-4" high at that distance regardless of ammo used.

I love the ergonomics of the 44 as it is the same as the Gen5 19 which I also use and have put a considerable amount of trigger time on as well,

My opinion is this, for the money the G44 is hard to beat, it is absolutely the most reliable .22lr pistol I have used or seen used to date. Accuracy has been acceptable with groups ranging in the 2-4 inch area depending on what is used at 25yds.

My biggest problems with the Glock 44 are this, Glock dropped the ball giving us 10rd magazines when other companies are capable of MORE(Taurus tx22) and of equal money. The sights are typical Glock plastic (trash) with the white outline rear and white dot front and DO NOT shoot to POA at 25yds. It would have been nice if Glock included the factory threaded barrel in the package and not sold it separate.

Overall I still feel with the negatives of the G44 out of the box the positives far outweigh them. I will still be using and testing the 44 going forward and am looking forward to hearing others views and opinions on this model of Glock.


Yes it was 5,000 without cleaning or lubrication. I used a good amount of Slip 2000 EWL before I started shooting and just let it be.

As far as part of the Ruger test you mention, I am not aware of anyone testing one of their .22’s to that extent, if you have some info on a test of one would like to hear of it. If you are referencing their centerfire line I personally own and have shot Glocks into to hundreds of thousands on individual pistols but that is another topic, at this time im more interested in the rimfire models.

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I will be going out testing a new set of 10-8 sights as soon as the weather permits and will get some other pics up as soon as possible, thanks everyone.

If memory serves me correctly (and it frequently does not), Glock wanted to keep the same form factor as the 19, but in .22LR, accounting for the mag capacity.

Sorry Old Gnome. I read this and took at at face value.

The mag capacity was not a form factor, the 44 is almost a 100% percent clone of the Gen5 19, I can’t remember for sure who told me or where I heard it from but the capacity limit of 10 was based on reliability. Glock wanted the most reliable .22 on the market and they could not get the level of reliability they wanted in that size magazine with more than 10 rds.

I have heard that they are working on a higher capacity magazine behind closed doors but will not release it until it meets their requirements. Personally I would like to have more capacity but the 10rd mags work, I do have some 18rd after market G44 magazines coming this week and will be testing them to their limits as long as time, weather, ammo and money will allow. I will post my findings on these mags as I learn more about them.

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Is there something that you don’t like about your P22? I have a PPQ .22 that is…fine, but I’m not in love with it. It is one of a few I’m contemplating getting rid of.

There is info on the net about these tests…but I can’t seem to find it again. I think the # was around 100k without disassembly, not without any clenaing. If I find it, i’ll post it. (My note was friendly sarcasm…)

I appreciate the friendly sarcasm, no harm no foul. I am hoping to make some new friends here, no worries.

I would love to here of the the 100k test if you can find it, I have around 5 personal Glocks and 1 1911 with around the 100k mark on them, I competed for years in USPSA and with training, competing and a couple sons that also enjoyed the sport we went through just a little bit of ammo :wink:, wish I had some of it back rn, lol

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It doesn’t feed well and I lose the spring (bouncing across the floor) when I try to reassemble it. I know the first can be fixed by my lubricating better, and the second by finding a way to keep the spring in place. However, those are what I don’t like.

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Uh oh :flushed:, is someone becoming a traitor?

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