New Glock 44 for New Shooters?

Glock just came out with a 22 l.r. handgun - which I’m betting at least a few of you know a lot more about than I do. :wink: I’m always looking for a comfortable, reliable 22 for new shooters who are shooting for the first time and this may become a new go-to 22 l.r. for me:

Is this a gun you’ll add to your collection? If so, why?


Hopefully we don’t start another Glock vs. anti-Glock battle :wink:

Answering question:
No, I won’t add it to my collection. Reasons:

  1. I don’t shoot Glocks
  2. Instead of spending $300 - $400 for .22 pistol, I prefer to pay $70 for .17 BB. Less cost, the same learning result.

(just my opinion, #2 tested and confirmed by me and my kids :slightly_smiling_face:)

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It really depends on what fits your hands. I love my S&W Victory’s (one for kids, one for dad [no red dot]). My wife also likes the Victory. She has shot my Ruger Mark IV (AKA pretty gun, signature series) and did not like the feel.

However, a friend of mine prefers the Mark series and does not like the back strap on the Smith.

As always, I say go hold them at least, test shoot if you can.

I had a plan to get my wife a S&W EZ but after holding the thing, it’s as big as my Shield in 9mm. She prefers my Sig P238 for walking the dog because it’s small.

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For those interested in getting one. Just got an email from Bud’s gun shop. Pre-order for $369.

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I just can’t see carrying a 22lr. It’s better than a pointy stick, but …


Pretty much only use the .22LRs for teaching new shooters and for diagnosing shooting issues on occasion. I have 2 in the stable, so I’m not really looking for another. That said, if a chance to shoot it comes up, I’ll certainly try, because… GLOCK. :wink:


You can also get a .22lr conversion kit, the company is Advantage Arms.

They have multiple options for many Glock models with factory calibers for Gens 1,2,3, and 4.

This way you can train with your same frame and have both calibers to either train then have ready for defense.


Think it’ll work with a suppressor? Moving barrel vs fixed barrel.