Glock 44 vs Smith &Wesson Compact 22

I first have to say both guns are great guns however I have certain preferences and I am sure other people have theirs. My EDC is a Sig 365 and my backup EDC is a Springfield Hellcat, the 22 is to shoot for low cost fun and to give new shooters something easy to use. My first ,22 was a Smith & Wesson M&P22 which I was not happy with as it was very picky on what brand of ammo to use and definitely no hollow points. It was sent back to the factory after two years of use and Smith & Wesson sent back a Compact 22 as a replacement as parts to repair it were no longer available (no charge). While waiting for Smith & Wesson (5 months) I brought the Glock 44 as Glock has a great reputation. The Smith & Wesson came in a cardboard box the Glock in a plastic case case. No big deal as I brought a cheap tool bag from Home Depot that has a deviator so I fit both 22s in the same bag and fit into my overcrowded range bag. Both guns are not picky on ammo which is number one in my book. Both have 10 round magazines, the Smith & Wesson is stainless steel the Glock plastic so you do not have to worry about rust. The Glock magazine is difficult to take apart unless you get the special tool for it. I do clean my magazines when I found out my previous 22 magazine failed due to all the gunk in it. The Glock is a bit harder to field field strip due putting two fingers on the take down levers and I have big fingers. I wonder if they make a tool for that. The Smith & Wesson will not fire when there is no magazine in it which I think is a nice safety feature for beginners when they do not check if there is one in the chamber. The Glock does not have a safety lever the Smith & Wesson does. No big deal for me. However both my EDC does and I am more comfortable with that as I always have one in the chamber. Both have adjustable sights. The Glock had to be adjusted when I first got it. The Glock is super light weight I hope it does not blow away in a strong wind. The grip is more beefer since it is the same as a Glock 19 which I think it is a good idea. I wish Sig would make a 365 in a 22. I shoot better with my Smith & Wesson for whatever reason. So now have a backup for my EDC and a backup for my fun gun. The trigger pull is long for the Smith & Wesson for the first shot but does not have to completely reset on follow shots, The Smith & Wesson has a threaded barrel but the front of the barrel is flush the gun. The thread protector cap works loose after 10-20 rounds but now I have put Loctite on it.


As much as I love M&Ps and hate Glocks… it’s opposite in 22 :joy:

Glock44 is just the right size…like Glock.
M&P22C is shrunk by 15%, being closer to Shield series…big disappointment for me.

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The Glock 44 is a bit shorter then the S&W 22 compact and about the same height and it seems to me that you need a bigger hand to grip it correctly and I have a bigger hand and fingers.

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Yeah, I found M&P22C grip to small for me. Adding rubber sleeve (I believe it was Pachmayr) helped, but I hated floating parts on the firearm and got rid of it.

I know that you specifically asked about the S&W vs. the Glock, but have you considered the Taurus TX22? I bought one last year, and it has been a blast to shoot. 16 round magazines, accurate, and very reliable with any decent ammo. It is the same size of most compact 9mms, so it works well as a trainer pistol. I recently started bringing my 20 year old daughter to the range, and this is her favorite. It is also less expensive. :sunglasses:

Got a decent review of the Glock 44 on here i did awhile back if your interested.

I will stick with my S&W model 63 and Ruger Mark II.

:raised_hand: awesome…
But what does it have to the topic? :thinking:

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