Hello my friends out there that love .22 mag’s I picked up a S&W M&P .22 mag and gave it a run in the back yard where I have my steel and spinners set up and was very surprised at how well it it falls back on the targets, no jams and very accurate. Anytime I have a great experience with a weapon I love sharing it. Also pulled out the .22 TCM and that’s always a fun weapon to shoot especially at night so you can see that foot long muzzle flash.


You can never go wrong with .22s or have too many. One of my favorite things to do is head to BLM land with a big box of cans and plastic bottles, my Glock 44 and a whole brick of .22 ammo.

I throw the stuff all over a hillside and start blasting away in random order of targets and do drills that I just make up on the spot.

When I’m done with the ammo I pick up all my junk and head home with a big fat smile on my face.

Every time I buy another .22 firearm my wife just laughs. There’s a big steel gun cabinet of .22 rifles just sitting in the garage and the guns are in there like a big umbrella stand, so I just pick a few to go out to play when I walk by :sunglasses:

And yes my garage is alarmed and part of my whole house security system.


I have a large safe full of .22’s a big fan of what I call cowboy guns a lot of revolver’s and lever action rifles even a mares leg in .22 mag I really like like having fun with these.


S&W 15-22 FTW!!!

What a brass wasting little machine!

Of course, can’t go wrong with the classic 10/22…

Or single six….

I do enjoy my MK4 too!

I’d like to add a G44 to my collection of Austrian guns!:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Had the G 44 but sad to say it had a jamming issue tried several different ammos with it but couldn’t get rid of the problem. That’s why I went to the S&W MP.22 mag and haven’t had any issues with the jamming thing.


My favorite .22lr pistol to shoot…so far.


I have never shot a Beretta….

As embarrassing as that is to say.

.22 rocks :metal:

I use my 1911-22 Conversion Kit to practice shooting techniques without breaking the bank.


Pshew,pshew,pshew…and so on. Never gets old!


I heard about feed issues with the early ones, and it was a high point ish magazine lip issue?

Don’t quote me on that :grimacing:

However the more recent releases seem to function well according to the reviews.

My vote is for a G43 sized subcompact in .22WMR :grin::+1::+1:

Call it the 44m or 49 whatever … don’t care I want one!

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Love my Sig 322 but picky on brand of ammo using only CCI Mini Mag. Glock 44 fits good in my hand takes any brand of ammo but I am not as accurate with it. Then there is my 10/22 with 25 round mags great fun!

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Kinda lighthearted note.

I got a .410 Chiappa Badger single round for hunting. It dubs as a .22, in its 2nd barrel. Never had a .22 ammo not fire, I noticed the strikes in the using are deeper snd more pronounced than my other .22’s.

Great to have one that accepts all ammo with such reliability. Makes me wonder if other firearm makers can adopt such technology. Not sure if it’s the hammer or double action, but it feels of good solid quality when it hits/fires.


You should! The more traditional ones feel like they’re made for my hand…the opposite of a 1911 or Glock. :slight_smile: Does your local range have a cheap rental program? Mine do it by caliber, so you can try all .22lr for one low price.

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You have to speak Italian before you can shoot one. :pinched_fingers: :grinning:

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Carp, well I tried German, I can say the horse is away from the house?…. I guess that might be useful?:man_shrugging:

Was planning on learning Spanish given our current border policy,… maybe Chinese would be more prudent?

Italian has never crossed my radar, unless it’s :pizza:,… but that’s honestly an American thing,… (seriously! Watch “the food that built America” we bastardized an Italian dish into modern pizza.) rant off

None the less!

I still need to get a squeeze on a Beretta!

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Is “That’s a spicy meat-a ball” Italian?


love my 22 high standard military model its a tack driver.

Happy Anniversary sir!

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I also love 22lr pistols & rifles. I gave my sons the ones that I grew up with. I own a Ruger Wrangler cowboy revolver, Kel-tec P17 & a tiny Ruger lcpII 22 along with a Rossi RS22 rifle. I actually bought two of the Kel-tecs because they were only $179



How do you like the Kel-Tec? I love my 22M carbine.

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