Fun Guns

Do you have a “fun gun”? Do you have a fun gun on your wish list?

I have rough rider .22lr I have just for fun shooting. Its been awesome and it was less than $200. I rarely clean the thing and I take it to most range trips just to have a little something extra to play with.

I would also like to get a Walther PPK chambered in .22lr for a “fun gun”.

Excited to see what y’all have to share.


I want a Ruger 10/22, just for fun.


AR-45 CMMG Banshee
I enjoy it soo much!!


I haven’t shot a .357 so that’s on my wish list.

I once owned a Ruger Single Six and a Henry when I had my rimfire phase.

I sold them both when I bought a full size 1911 in .45ACP.
I won’t forget how F-U-N it was when I shot it for the first time, I wish someone took a picture of me grinning from ear to ear :grin:


My Uberti 357 mag. It’s more for show than shoot but it’s still fun every once in a while.


Fun Guns.

Ruger PC Carbine (want to do a bunch of tandemkross upgrades)

JC Higgins 101.16 22lr (want to have threaded for a suppressor)

Ruger Mark 4 Tactical (starting to upgrade with tandemkross products), will suppress eventually.

Ruger 10/22 takedown magpull stock, (another I plan to upgrade with some tandemkross products).

Noreen ULR 50bmg (waiting till spring to access long distance range to sight in and shoot for first time)


My 2 favorite FUN guns are my Glock 44 and my S&W M&P .22 AR pistol, both have been ridiculously reliable and everyone in the family can shoot and enjoy them.


That a Glock mag?

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All of my guns are fun.

Except the pump 12 with slugs or heavy buck


Savage 17hmr

Not really. All of mine are fun in one way or another, except the onces I’ve mentioned that hurt to shoot!

I usually end up enjoying the CX4 and CMR-30 the most.

The one that is cheap to shoot and which I am amazed with is the Beretta 92FS plastic 22. Quality is over the top and accuracy is staggering.

Yes, they take Glock mags

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Savage BMag in 17 WSM. The Ammo isn’t outrageous, and it will reach out pretty good, for a Rimfire. They also make a good varmint rifle.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say.
That naked magazine IMHO is an eyesore, one reason why I can’t pull the trigger on buying PCCs although it promises a lot of fun at the range.

The 40 round type? :laughing: Biden doesn’t like those.

Biden Describes Glock Handgun as 'Weapon of War'

My fun gun is my Ruger-57. It was the first firearm that I bought that was not purchased for a specific self-defense purpose. I was fortunate to get it about a month before the pandemic hit and I had started stocking ammo. Unfortunately, now it costs me an arm and a leg to get a box of 50.


That’s a cool one.

Ooof this is what I like about 22lr, but even that caliber has had its shortages I guess too.

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Most inexpensive gun money wise,… Syrt laser gun

I use it every night.


I like trying different setups on my Ruger, Marlin, and Savage 22 rifles to make them tack drivers. Anyone can go with the high dollar shooters, but I think it’s more interesting to see what you can do with mid range mods, optics and a little tuning.


People look down on the Marlins and Savages. Like Anshutz is the only .22 that can hit any target at all. Sure, in the right hands, under exactly the right conditions, an Anshutz or Bleker will own all. I’ll let you know if I’m ever in one of those situations. (Hint; I don’t see me shooting at the Olympics)