Give up your AR’s or we will take both your handguns and AR’s

Something like trying to check your legally purchased handgun at an airport in the wrong state would qualify for this.

So would accidentally driving over the state line between say PA and NY.

I think putting a VFG on your braced pistol instead of an AFG might as well.

Be careful what you wish for.


Um… why don’t the Palmer Report personalities move to Canada, Australia, or New Zealand?
1776 happened for a reason.


This is why nothing gets done to improve 2A issues. You know da@# well what I am talking about.

But sure I will play"let’s nitpick everything"

I agree with extra time served, but if you originally were sentenced 25, 5 isn’t really a deterrent to me… I’d say violent crimes committed with a firearm or other deadly weapon doubles time with no parole. Then you get to go somewhere like tent city. Then some menial task for absolutely no purpose (think cracking rocks… let’s say original offense is 15 years. Automatically doubles to 30 in the middle of the desert, cracking rocks or something? I’d definitely do something else for money…

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As a part of the ongoing debate about AR pistols. I decided to turn mine into a carbine. As I am not buying anything where I have to allow anyone to come to my home and enter it.

So I don’t have any of the cool accessories such as suppressors, or machine guns, or short barreled anything’s. I value my privacy to much.


This would be the difference. I have no problem wishing for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

In most states, you can reduce sentences by eligibility for parole (that’s why there is a difference between life in prison and life without a chance of parole) “good time” (you don’t misbehave), or pardons. It can be done however you want. But it’s a criminal directed law. Not aimed at law abiding citizens.


That is so true,any thing you have in your hand is an assault weapon.but all these people saying common sense laws work,name one time they have stopped crime,all I can see is that more criminals are having fun with having more defenseless victims


Unfortunately, I am well aware of how the system works. It is also unfortunate that the criminal justice system is tuned more towards “how can we get them out of the system faster” instead of actual justice.

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Palmer Report:

Like I said, I don’t want to be in charge, and I don’t want to write gun laws.

See, we can find common ground. We don’t want you to be in charge or writing gun laws either.


That is true and we see it happen every day,seem as they want to save the funds for their pet projects


Can’t give that as many thumbs up as it deserves…

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Don’t forget the potion they pocket!

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I may be able to infer more than what you said, but, five years mandatory for a felony with a firearm would in fact do those things.

We have to be careful what we say and what we say we want.

Words matter, kind of like “assault rifle” and “full semi auto” and “high capacity”. Gotta keep it tight or ‘they’ will exploit it and make things worse


if it gets any worse, it might cause a war like never before

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This is kind of one of those things I think many need to be more cognizant of.

I often hear or see “enforce the current laws consistently before passing more” as an argument against more gun control, but…take a step back and look hard at all of the current gun control laws on the books across the country before saying what ‘they’ will take as confirmation that those laws are just and should be enforced (get your plan diverted to a NY airport with a checked handgun = felony for example)


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A felony in which a gun was used. Not just present.

That would probably get very messy and open to ‘interpretation’, I am sure ‘they’ would argue that possessing a gun = using a gun, you would want to specifically and explicitly list the precise crimes that would qualify for the 5 year mandatory minimum.

And also keep in mind that if, say, assault/threatening is on the list, a person acting in what they believe is self defense who gets tagged with a crime for it might end up with 5+ years in prison for defending themselves.

In case you can’t tell, I really don’t trust giving the government more ability to lock people up for more years and in the end it’s the government that would write, pass, interpret, and enforce the laws.

I point these things out because, well, with the government at the helm of all of it…you have to expect it will go the worst possible direction

Wear this in NY and you’ll go to prison

Gun means Gun🤣

He would have the same if there was nothing changed. Adding an enhancing charge does not change the difference between a legit self defense and an imperfect self defense.

Trust me, you don’t know me. I am not in favor of giving the police :police_car::rotating_light: or the government more tools to use against me.

But I am sick and tired of some effing idiot going on a shooting spree and the Left using that as a way to throw all legal, law abiding gun owners in the sewer with whatever scumbag de jour has caused the Gun Control advocates to be out making all those emotional appeals for more “reasonable gun control”.

Going by the latest report on Concealed Carriers, we are now 12 times less likely to be charged with a crime than LEO’S. CC are by far, the most law abiding segment of the populace. In 2018 we were only 7 times so we have become more law abiding than LEO’S and there are now 22 million CC. A growth of more than 4 million CC. We outnumber LEO’S 22 to 1. Yet those 22 million CC are 12 times less likely to commit a crime than the 1 million LEO’S.

Plus many States have what are called enhancing circumstances. Here where I live, say a burglar breaks in. If no one is home it’s a burglary x (x = the value they got away with). But if someone is home whether they know it or not that the burglary is happening. That’s an enhancing circumstance and now they are charged with a robbery x. A whole different level of sentencing.