Give up your AR’s or we will take both your handguns and AR’s

The Palmer Report has came out and stated, that we must support legislation to ban assault rifles, or somebody will step up to ban guns altogether.

The problem with that, is the majority of people will not comply, and sheriffs office over the country are not going to enforce it.

They said they can win the argument with the “Nobody’s coming to take your guns crowd” but I believe by showing you’r going to take everybody’s guns will backfire immediately.

Also even if we come together to ban AR’s there is no safeguards that will be put in place that stops everyone from banning handguns.

We likely see won’t HR 1808 pass in the senate because they have to do so before the newly elected officials are sworn in, so it has to restart the process again.

But if we look back into the legislation of HR 1808, it doesn’t only effect Modern Sporting Rifles, it also effects handguns, hunting rifles, and shotguns as well. So that is also something I bring up whenever somebody says they’re not coming to take your guns, or liberals have guns too they just don’t want you having AR’s.

Here’s the thread, anyway discuss.


Why don’t they just tear up the Constitution on live TV if they are serious.
Talk the talk, walk the walk.


Even though I shouldn’t be saying it, I reply to anybody that says they want to ban it, to come and take it. When are they going to personally suit up and do it themselves, because the majority of our law enforcement isn’t going to do it.


This @ is not at you Forensic _Wow.

But rather the idiot who tweeted such a piece of fecal matter.



Right on man.


I’ve never heard of the “Palmer Report,” but they sound too stupid for me to take seriously.
The argument seems to be that we can appease bullies now, and then they’ll leave us alone. This lie has filled many mass graves throughout human history.

I’m certainly not going to click on their headline and give them an advertising dollar.
If their next report says “water is wet,” I’ll have to question that fact, too.


Guess they’re out of California

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So they fail miserably by saying nobody wants to take your guns, they fail miserably by being quiet about taking handguns, so now the new strategy is “Better work for us” when they haven’t had support for an assault weapon ban in almost 30 years. On top of that 50% of states are now constitutional carry, Supreme Court just landed a huge blow to New York, and May issue states, a few states already claimed themselves as 2nd amendment sanctuaries and made it illegal for state employees to work with federal officials to enforce federal firearm laws. HR 1808 is coming to a halt, and has to be reintroduced under the new house and senate, we got all these victories ahead.


If you look at crime stats, handguns are used by criminals a great deal more than AR15s. One can argue, social danger of handguns is greater than AR15s. For this reason, if they succeed in banning AR15s, banning handguns to combat so called “gun violence” is a very logical next step, and it will be successful as well.
Incrementalism works.
Dont trust any promises in Palmer Report, just look at Canada.


Here’s a thought… maybe instead of punishing law abiding citizens for the wrongdoings of criminals, we place much harsher consequences on those that use firearms and other deadly weapons while commiting crime. How about we stop giving guns to foreign groups that would use them against us? Or, bear with me, we increase penalties for those caught buying guns for criminals? Everything they’ve tried to pass only seems to affect those just trying to protect themselves and use firearms for activities inside the law…


Not only you get this experience.
Palmer Report is considered as fake news spreader. They usually use sensationalized language to keep attention, be followed and clicked on their website.
They discuss true facts, but their analysis and predictions are mostly not accurate and can’t be trusted. :man_shrugging:

It’s good to read their articles… but hard to discuss them…


I feel bad*** right now.

I got a picture with Colion Noir

And I got him to notice the tweet.


We probably all know the stats. These Jokers should go into everyone’s kitchen and remove every knife and just pray the steak is tender!


Regardless what the law is, the law will not stop someone from breaking the law. Only the enforcement of the law will. Unless Americans lost compassion for our ability to save lives can taking guns away help. It is up to us to instill that compassion in each other if we want to keep our rights. The way I see it is God/what ever name you want to use gave us that right as a gift; let’s use it in an appreciative way.

This is not about making society safe from criminals. When CCP notes guns are a problem in America, you know they want to effect some change for which Americans’ guns are an obstacle.
Gun grabbers need to abandon any hope of success, and keep their change.


Thought this was interesting.


I don’t really care what the hidden agenda is. Fact of the matter is that the government is infringing apon my rights. If gun grabbers want guns, they can either go buy some, or find an effective way to take them from people that want to use them against us with evil intent. Unlike Biden, I can actually count and have three words… Cold. Dead. Hands.


I disagree, it is important. If you know, you can see other aspects of it, and you are better suited to resist attempts to promote it.


Just a few thoughts as Biden and the Dems push for taking away American Citizens guns!

Congress and Biden just past a bill that will add 87,000 ARMED IRS agents and they want the law abiding American Citizen to give up their gun.

Biden allows thousands of criminals and vast amounts of drugs to cross our border everyday and they want the law abiding American Citizen to give up their gun.

Biden and the Dems do not enforce existing criminal laws and allow criminals to routinely be let out of jail, and if a criminal commits a violent crime many times they are allowed to leave jail with out even paying bail and they want the law abiding American Citizen to give up their gun.

Biden and the Dems do not support law enforcement in fact they have been trying to defund it and they want the law abiding American Citizen to give up their gun.

Just some things to think about!



Make felony crimes that involve the use of a gun have an additional 5 years of prison time that has to be served (can’t be paroled, plea bargained, or lessened in any way). So if you commit a felony crime, you have 5 years to be served as a mandatory sentence plus whatever additional time from the crime.

So criminals know if they commit a felony they are going to do a minimum of 5 years no matter what else happens. If a gun is involved.