Finally got my CCW…and it’s useless!

I would not be happy, if it were not for the reason.

It took me 2 years and a lot of money to finally get my CCW in LA County. And 5 months later…my wife and I moved to Idaho!

Only been here a few months, and we love it already. Sure, I carry everyday with no permit, and the places where I am prohibited from carrying are few. And it’s so much more than that.

The other night, my wife and I are having dinner in a restaurant. The Boise State football game is starting and on all the TVs. When the national anthem was sung, the entire restaurant fell silent. Patrons stopped talking to each other and turned to the TV. Servers stopped moving and held their hands over their hearts.

This is the culture change that we desperately wanted, and we could not be happier! God bless America and God save those poor souls still trapped in that Gomorrah called California.


Congrats on your Escape From L.A.!

Even though it is not required I would recommend getting an Idaho permit. It will likely give you some added legal areas to carry (like when driving through school zones) and reciprocity with a whole bunch of other States. Plus I am sure you will find the process is a lot easier, quicker and less expensive than in CA.


Gomorrah is right :white_check_mark: I used to make my social media location say,
Sodom and Gomorrah, CA

Congratulations :tada:


I almost cried out loud.


There are some people who hang out around Hayden Lake you might like to meet.


@BeanCounter @Mike164
Sounds like he’s playing your music. :grinning:


And, you probably don’t encounter homeless bums panhandling on the sidewalk. Welcome to rural America!


Just an FYI to all y’all in the other 49 states than Florida…

Florida has the best reciprocity of any CCW license (as far as I know), and Florida will issue licenses to non residents. If you’ve had the training and been fingerprinted, it’s $95 (I think) and you can get a license that will be good for every non communist state.


So happy you and your wife are happy and safe, God bless you and God Bless America. :us:


Florida’s renewals on our CCW is very easy and while I
waited for the paperwork to be complete, conversations
were very relaxed in the office. Most places in the
State and County, it illegal, to carry a firearm inside of the building, like a police station, no problems here.

7 years have gone by fast, but you better stay up to
date on the Florida’s Gun Laws.

I am very sorry California for all your CCW Issues and wish the Greatest for everyone.


@Robert1246 It’s not good to hold it in. :cry: Go ahead let it all out, :sob: You’ll feel alot better! :rofl:


I try to control my emotions not let my emotions control me. I don’t try to control my tears of joy. Thanks for sharing.


I think you should write cards for Hallmark, or run for VPOTUS. :grinning:


I have nightmares about California. I left in 1986 and never looked back except in my nightmares. Maybe it is because I am in Washington and not Idaho or Montana!


It does seem that Washington is trying to catch up to the CA craziness as fast as it can:(


Congratulations on escaping the People’s Republic of California. I escaped from the People’s Republic of New York and moved to North Carolina. It’s nice to breathe the fresh air of Freedom!


Michigan has a very large reciprocity network with other states too! It’s great!


Mississippi is a constitutional carry state as well and accepts all permits because well…you don’t really need one. I have the enhanced carry which gives me way more places to carry plus i don’t need to worry about those stupid gun free signs unless it is one of the very few prohibited places.


I left California two years ago. Every time I have a visitor from there, I try to take them to the local gun store. After introducing them to the salesman, his greeting is always the same: “Welcome to the real America, the land of freedom!”

On an aside note, I’m betting that, in addition to finding freedom, you also found that you get twice as nice a house for less than half the cost of what you were paying before. That was a big draw for me, at least.


Hello and welcome @David1499
In Nevada for a small fee the LGS will print up a fake receipt to show your wife that you firearm purchase was BOGO free. :grinning: j/k