Crossing the restrictive curtain

I finally decided to leave the state I grew up in and move to Texas. Mind you I have been active in shooting sports most of my life and it took a long time before the restrictions put on gun owners in California closed in on me.

Now I can go do a sporting goods store much like a Big Five in California and get a gun that I can could only read about while living in California. I walked into just such a store just yesterday and was impressed with the selection they had. I wanted to pick up a .45 like a Springfield Xd and they had three models. They also had the S&W .45 and several others that I couldn’t get at all. Not only that I can pick up the gun the same day I pay for it. It sort of reminds me of getting to free America in the movie Red Dawn.


I did the same thing. Been officially in Texas for about a month and a half. Got my Texas LTC and love this place. Freedom is a lot to take in a first. Welcome!


Having escaped California for Missouri, I get it. I spent the first 6 months constantly amazed at things I could do… buy a gun effortlessly was one of them.

Right after I moved to Missouri we had a break-in and when the responding sheriff arrived he did not stuff my face into the linoleum because I had a gun on me. He was having a hard time understanding why I thought he might until I told him I moved from California. Then he said “around here, we think its normal if you arm yourself when you’re scared.” … :astonished: … my first thought was “I’ve moved to Eden!”

So many little things. Missourians expect to know were the lanes are and keep their cars on them without help. (No traffic guard rails to protect you from driving into the culvert ditch). Low spots in the road have a depth marker so you can see how deep the water is, but there’s no sign saying “don’t cross when flooded”. You can paint your house any darn color you want. You can have sheep or cows or a garden in your front yard. You can open carry into a bank and nobody bats an eye.

We lived in California a long time. Gentlemen, enjoy your new freedom.


It is very humbling hearing americans finding freedom in america. Enjoy it and cherish it. We have taken it for granted. Stay vigilant


Welcome to Texas and freedom. Glad to have you here. Be sure to do what you can to help us stay free. A lot of the people leaving and coming to Texas are not of your mindset and want to make us like Kommiefornia.


After 40 years in California and becoming partially disabled A CCW permit was harder to get than 70+ virgins in heaven.

I moved to TN got a permit then moved to AZ due to the humidity affecting wife.

Freedom, you can’t believe real freedom that AZ offers. Not only that but a progressive conservative governor who responds to issues, follows up and makes things happen. AZ drivers license and my AZ CCW were both good examples of government in action for the peasants like me.

Not having to worry when going to the range…am I in compliance to travel with a gun, are my guns compliant, ahhh but I rave on.

Come to AZ but leave your CA nonsense behind as none are not welcome here in the valley of the sun.



Yep, welcome to Free America…….Wolverines!!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community Alan.


Exactly right, as the exodus from restrictive States like CA, IL etc continue due primarily for economic reasons (businesses and people), we need to make sure they don’t recreate the failed States they are fleeing from.

We need to be active in our free States, we need to vote, and we need to continue to “sell” to newcomers to our States’ the virtues that we have so they see them and don’t attempt to implement policies/laws that eliminate that freedom and prosperity and that will lead to our States being restrictive and failed.


Yes, and Yes. While we’re at it, we should be finding other CA expatriates and taking them to the range.


@Alan21 @JustinK
Believe me I know how precious the freedoms were that we lost or could lose if we aren’t active and vigilant after we move. I was born in California and expected to die there. It took a lot for me to leave. My son had been working on me for years and we had toyed with moving a few years ago.

We find ourselves having to assure people we meet that while we are from California we will adopt the values of our new home as quickly as possible. We didn’t come to Texas as much to flee oppression of our freedoms but to join in protecting the freedoms we have left as Americans. To us the loss is not a theory it is a reality.


My son recently got a new neighbor that moved here from California. We’re in Austin Texas. Anyway, he had a California compliant AR. My son gave him a 30 round mag. His hands were shaking as he reached for it. I thought he might cry. It was awesome.


@Hal1 Niiiice! Way to welcome them to Free America. Good job! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And welcome to the group!


How refreshing to hear vigilant Americans glorying in their newly acquired freedoms…nothing like a few breaths of fresh air, all right!


I live on the fringe of the Adirondacks in Northern NY. Other than the existence of the (un)SAFE Act, it doesn’t feel repressive up here. I try to avoid the more restrictive areas of the state.

I have loved AZ, TN and VA, but as we see in VA, you can’t take Freedom for granted.


Welcome to the group @Carl21

Looks like we are heading for two Americas. One that is free and the other that isn’t. We should be very careful who we let into the free one least we get infected.


That’s my concern for Florida (my adopted home of the past eight years). We get a lot of folks from NY and NJ. I’m not fond of their politics, nor the way they drive. But that’s another thread.


Hey Alan, it’s a good thing you moved for other reasons because the 70+ virgins in heaven is all hot air, mirrors, and a lie.

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Welcome to Texas… some Texans were born here… the rest of us got here as fast as we could!!