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Continuing the discussion from Are any other Californians discouraged by the new (2024) laws for CCW holders?:

So I am extremely disappointed at how long this has taken and will take to move through the legal system.

But I have read the new laws 10 times and even chatted with the great USCCA team online and have come up with a plan to live within the laws until they are overturned.

You can still drive around in CA with a CA permit and into parking lots with your loaded gun. When you park you need to place your loaded gun in a locked container. I have a console installed lock box, but if you don’t you are permitted to exit the vehicle and store it in a secure lock box, in the trunk, or other locked area, like an attached toolbox. When you come out of the church, store, Dr office, etc. you can retrieve your weapon from storage before you leave the parking lot. No loitering after you retrieve your weapon.

However schools. playgrounds, & parks ant some other areas are special. The limitations include streets and sidewalks around them so no stopping and parking with a weapon ever, no matter what. To pick up my grandson I have to leave my gun locked up at my son’s house before I pick him up.

So all the other laws still are in effect like Federal Bldgs. no guns in parking lots ever. Also many other new restrictions apply that many were not aware of have not been addressed by any of the law suits. The temporary injunction 20 Dec 2023, and the stay that was granted 30 Dec 2023 don’t cover many of the changes and they are not currently being challenged.

But for most of my daily routine, I will still have my loaded gun on me or locked in the truck. Don’t expect many churches , businesses, or any others to post signs that guns are OK.

Many say my area law enforcement say they won’t enforce the law so I will ignore it, no one will know.
If you use your gun in one of the already existing or new restricted places, most DAs will prosecute, you will loose your permit, you will no longer have reciprocity in other states, and as usual you will get sued. It will be better if you follow the law, but find ways to live with your gun as close as possible, Get a permit and keep it as long as you can.


@Robert1352 Wheeewww! That’s alot to absorb! Glad I don’t live in CA, BUT not to far in NM, looking like the same trend is following, we’re getting disgusted here like you guys are out there of all the :poop: these anti 2A, gun control groups are imposing on law abiding citizens and does NOTHING to stop violent crimes. Mental criminal behavior is not being addressed, just take the easy way out and impose all these unconstitutional laws to make law abiding citizens felons by unintentionally making a simple little mistake. These gun control laws are nothing more than TRAPS for unconstitutional DISARMAMENT! Chipping away at our 2A rights.


Yep taking away our rights and creating more soft targets.

I travel in 13 states on my way to Georgia and back every summer. I also have an AZ non-resident permit in addition to my CA permit to add NV, NM, and LA reciprocity. On my way to St Luis. MO from GA, I drive around Illinois since I have no reciprocity and they banned AR-15s. Keeping up with all the different laws is a daily job during the summer for me. The USCCA reciprocity app is very helpful.

Many states have permitless concealed carry, BUT it is only for state residents not visitors. If you travel you need a permit from your home state.


That’s the part that has apparently been ruled unconstitutional in five other states. I know several small business owners who are okay with people carrying, but won’t put up a sign because they don’t want any political backlash. They’re trying to run a business open to everyone, not just one politically minded segment of the population. Also, my pastor wrote a letter on my behalf to help me obtain my initial permit years ago (pre-Bruen). He’s pro-2A. But for similar reasons, he will not be putting up signs to allow CCW. It’s an absolutely absurd part of this new law.

Are you sure about the parking lot protocol? I read SB2 a couple of times, but not the final implementation of the law. And one of the arguments in the case was about parking lots that are shared among businesses and a scenario where only one business is pro-CCW. It seemed to imply not even being able to pull into the parking lot unless your firearm was already unloaded and locked up. I’ll have to look into that. But I guess it doesn’t matter for me anyway because the places I go won’t be putting up signs.

I also forwarded a study done by an anti-2A group to all the Democrats who voted in favor of this bill. It showed that the majority of firearms used by criminals in violent crimes are stolen from vehicles in public parking lots. They didn’t seem to care. But more importantly, I don’t intend to have any of my firearms locked up in my truck for any amount of time. If I can’t carry at my final destination, I’m trying to find other ways to obtain what I need or to accomplish whatever I needed to do. I’m still figuring things out. But so far, deliveries are on the rise.


Not in CA, but in NM, where the governess, as I call her, is trying to take our rights away by classifying it a s a “health emergency”. We are a border state, and nothing is done to stop the influx, and neither does she address the root cause, but would rather take the rights away of us law abiding citizens. I wish she could be impeached.


Hello and welcome to the community @Peter193!
Glad to have you here! I’m in Illinois, our governor is an asshat too! :crazy_face:


I have a few letters I can change in his last name, but I will behave………:smirk:


Welcome Peter to the USCCA fold.
I am in Albuquerque, from when’s do you hail in that great sh** show called Nu 'Meh’ick-o?


Why? Post must be yadda, yadda…is this better?

Thank you. Originally South Africa, but a citizen of this great country as of March. Living in the State Capitol since 2019.


Hey Jim, I got a similar response from my pastor. Probably less than 5% of our congregation has a CCW Permit and 50% wonder if Jesus would approve of gun ownership much less carrying one in church. Posting signs would just still up controversy in the church and take away from helping people find and follow Jesus. Businesses can’t drive away any customers in this economy so they won’t be putting up any signs either.

Here is the part of SB-2 most don’t read:
(c) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), except under paragraph (21) or (28) of subdivision (a), a licensee prohibited from carrying a concealed firearm into the parking area of a prohibited location specified in subdivision (a) shall be allowed to:

(1) Transport a concealed firearm or ammunition within a vehicle into or out of the parking area so long as the firearm is locked in a lock box.

(2) Store ammunition or a firearm within a locked lock box and out of plain view within the vehicle in the parking area. Nothing in this paragraph is intended to preempt local laws placing more restrictive requirements upon the storage of firearms in vehicles.

(3) Transport a concealed firearm in the immediate area surrounding their vehicle within a prohibited parking lot area only for the limited purpose of storing or retrieving a firearm within a locked lock box in the vehicle’s trunk or other place inside the vehicle that is out of plain view.

(d) For purposes of subdivision (c), a lock box is an item as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 4082 and subdivision (y) of Section 4094 of Title 11 of the California Code of Regulations, which is a firearm safety device, as defined in Section 16540, that is listed on the Department’s Roster of Firearm Safety Devices Certified for Sale pursuant to Sections 23650 and 23655.

(e) Except in the places specified in paragraph (14) of subdivision (a), a licensee shall not be in violation of this section while they are traveling along a public right-of-way that touches or crosses any of the premises identified in subdivision (a) if the concealed firearm is carried on their person in accordance with the provisions of this act or is being transported in a vehicle by the licensee in accordance with all other applicable provisions of law. Nothing in this section allows a person to loiter or remain in a place longer than necessary to complete their travel.

It is interesting that whether the gun is loaded or unloaded is not addressed. So it doesn’t matter if the parking lot is shared or not. If a store has a sign that permits guns you could just get out of your vehicle and walk right in withe your concealed weapon and back out to your vehicle. Just don’t wander around.

Yes getting out and putting your gun in the trunk will just attract thieves, so I would recommend getting a vehicle with a lock box near the driver seat so you can lock up your gun without drawing attention.

Problem is when going from place to place I want to keep my gun as close as I can.


Oh, you poor Bloke, Living in the center of the enemies camp!
You are either incredibly brave or incredibly …BRAVER! you
thought I was…oh, never mind! :rofl:
Welcome my South African -AMERICAN BROTHER!
Welcome to Grishamville, where just uttering the word ‘Gun!’
could get you sent to a Re-education Camp just south of Raton!

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I’m no Bible quoter but didn’t Jesus tell his disciples to pick up a sword and defend themselves from Leftist-Romans?

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@Peter193 Welcome to the community, That’s right about our NM governor going full rogue with her “Public Health Emergency” and using it as another form of gun control agenda to disarm law abiding citizens and does nothing to stop criminal violence. The root of the problem is human mental criminal behavior of career felony criminals that live off on doing/selling drugs, raping, carjacking, robbery, murdering, home invasion, running rampant everywhere when these people should be behind bars, furthermore “soft on crime” laws don’t help with this :poop:. So they blame the “assault weapons” instead of the HUMAN BEHAVIOR.


I personally believe that letting a crazed maniac kill my family and friends who share the love of Jesus every day, everywhere they go, is worse than stopping the maniac, even though they may find the Lord someday. In my mind defending is less negative than attacking. And since I’m old, shooting is more effective than fighting. But many Christians have different views that I don’t consider to be wrong.


Agreed Brother
Our ‘Job’ is to KEEP our Guns and our RIGHTS Intact
until these EVIL Bastds are thrown out of office or
shown the ROPE!
It’s all well and good to hide behind the Law but making SH
up to suit
their EVIL NARRATIVE doesn’t fly with most sane folks who are worried
about a myriad of ‘Progressive stupidity’. And we all know that list so I won’t bother repeating it.


Look People we all have seen and been through a lot.
But the tide may finally be turning…

You should never, ever trust most MSM ever again. KNOW your sources. People are fed up w/ the
same, same .gov enriching themselves while driving us all deeper and deeper in debt just to stay alive.
Ask yourselves WHY they are flooding the country with ILLEGAL’S?
Why give them EVERYTHING? (Free health care, ID Cards, Housing while American’s are starving and dying of exposure on their own streets…?)

They want our Guns so there will be no resistance
They want us disarmed so we can be slaughtered, controlled, Neutralized.
They want the new Republic of Amerikanski to be just like Australia, Africa, Venezuela etc etc.

YOU CAN’T PUT UP A FIGHT if they lop off your Phuckin’ Arms!


Hello and welcome @Peter193
I’m very surprised that CA hasn’t made gun ranges a sensitive area.



In Californication today .gov numbnutz signed into LAW that all Gun Ranges
will be Botanical Gardens, complete w/ public deification zones and gender-free porta potties!
(Film at 11pm)

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


EXACTLY! The minutia in and the idiocy of these regulations make a great work product on which Leftist Lawyers can spend their time making life difficult and less free for the rest of us. But lost in all the verbiage is the fact that it destroys the effective defensive capability that was/IS the purpose for being able to carry a weapon concealed in the first place!