California CCW County Residency

It took me 9 months to get my CCW approved. In the weeks since I was finger printed I had to move. Luckily, I moved from a county that issues to another that issues.

Today I received the email that my permit is ready for pickup. The bad news is that I do not live in that county anymore. Currently I plan to drive to the county I used to live in, pick up the permit, take a picture of it and hand it back.

My question is… is there any other LEGAL path? Since I no longer live in the county that has issued my permit it is illegal for me to carry anywhere in the state? I will not carry illegally but if there is a loophole I am looking for it. Do I just have to start over from scratch?


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I live next door in NV so I’m not sure if the same will apply.
I moved counties last December and talked to my neighbor who works for the Sheriffs department where I lived. I gave her my new address in the new county and she changed the address on my current CCW to the new address, printed out a new CCW, still on the old county permit but with the new address and new county on it since mine doesn’t expire again until 2023.
She told me that since it is issued in NV, all the Sheriffs departments need to know is where I moved to.
Hope this helps.

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My understanding is that it is NOT that simple in the Peoples Republic of California. I believe that you must live in the county of the sheriff who issues your permit. That is exactly my issue.


Of course that would be too simple there, and if they did and realized you can they would pass a law making it illegal.
Can you pickup the CCW that is ready and take it to the sheriffs department where you moved to and ask them to change the address?

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My guess is you won’t be able to pick it up
if they required you to hand first your driver license
and it has your current address.


I have not yet changed my license yet. I literally just moved. Need utility bills and such so I can get my Real ID. So I am in the grey on that count but am worried that if I carry I am not legal.


Let me restate… my license has not changed and the more I think about it I think it is illegal for me to even pick it up.

Tell the Sheriff’s office that you went through the process with everything, see what they say. Then go to your new Sheriff’s office and do the same.

That is what I would do.

From what I hear, I expect you will have to get your documents, update your license, and then start the process in the new county.

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You’re kinda in a gray area. If you already have your CCW and move, then it’s valid for a certain period - I think 90 days. You must notify the office that issued your CCW within 10 days of moving. Some counties/sheriffs will change the address and allow you to keep it until the expiration. If not, then you have to start the process all over in your new county.

Depending on how 2A friendly the counties/sheriffs are, you may be able to avoid having to re-apply. Notify first the county you just left and see what they say. If they don’t let you keep it, then explain the situation to the county you moved to in case they can expedite your CCW.

Good Luck!


Is this state-wide?
NOTICE TO ALL CCW PERMIT HOLDERS: Pursuant to Penal Code Section 26210 and CCW Bureau Policies and Procedures, all CCW Permit Holders are required to notify the CCW Bureau of any change in residency, temporary or permanent, within 10 days of the date they move by submitting an online Modification Application for an address change (note: please upload only the documents associated with a change of address… FAILURE TO DO SO RENDERS YOUR CCW PERMIT INVALID!!


This is what’s on the USCCA Reciprocity Map


The quote above seems legit, looks like you notify within 10 days, in writing, or permit is invalid

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Well… after thinking about it I wrote a letter to the permitting email address at the sheriff’s office and laid it all out. My guess is my permit is invalid and I will start over in my new county.

Don’t live in Cali but when I went to pick up my CCDW at the sheriffs office when I got an email saying it was there; I showed my ID, clerk thumbs through a box and hands it to me with a have a good day. Surely Cali has a provision to allow current CCW holders to update w/o going through the whole process again.

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Is Cali different from other places? Mine is good for the whole state even if I move. Update when it is time to renew at new location/address.

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Cali is different than most other states in many ways.

Their permits are issued at the county level and, currently, pre whatever changes they do as a result of the recent SCOTUS/Bruen case, each county gets to decide on its own whether or not they issue a permit, for any reason or no reason. You must be a resident of the county that issued the permit, so when you move counties, you need to ask your new county for the mommy may I permission slip which, currently, they don’t have to give you if they don’t want to (although the recent supreme court case should change that…)

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Another reason not to live in Cali.