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Gun Reality in the USA

I’m feelIng a need to vent, and also recognize the reality of the current state of gun rules in our country. I am old but new to the CCW community since it was only June 2022 California “allowed” me to carry without a demonstrated need. You probably already know that the stay to the temporary injunction for part of SB-2, was dissolved on 6 January 2024. So at least until April 2024, I can carry in more places than 1 January 2024, but fewer places than 31 Dec 2023.

I know you are already bored with this post, so I’m really trying to keep it short, since I welcome your inputs because I’m still learning.

There are 2 categories of people who carry, legally and illegally. If you want to carry legally all the time, you must avoid many places, federal buildings, public transportation, K-12 schools, and depending on what state you are in, up to hundreds of other places. When I point out some of theses places to my friends, a common response is “I would rather get arrested than be dead”. So they fall into the illegal group. In that case, I wonder why they even bother with the hassle and expense of acquiring CCW license in the first place.

Changing the federal laws almost seems impossible, an act of Congress, since the courts are ruling basically that these laws have been in effect for decades and you didn’t complain before, so too late now. I feel let down by past gun advocates. Of course, I could have done something back then, but I was ignorant of the consequences and pretty self absorbed.

So to comply with all the laws, don’t go anywhere, homeschool your kids, and avoid jury duty. I guess that would work well with 15 minute cities. I wonder if that was the plan all along. Of course you will still be required to pay taxes for places you never go. With all the furor about SB-2, I just found out I never could posses a firearm in my County Parks. Not even unloaded and locked in an approved lockbox.

So I am expected to know every federal, state, county, city, and any other laws that exist, to carry legally. I drive everywhere I go, including 13 states every summer, to avoid being gunless on public transportation. I probably have broken laws I don’t even know about.

Now I view my CA and AZ CCW licenses as partial protection to carry legally, I must choose to go gunless sometimes or choose to join the illegal carry group. I don’t like either choice.


I think we have to carry responsibly and not worry about the consequences we are willing to endure. I think it is up to the individual to decide.
Be a man about it and stop your kvetching


@Robert1352 You’re more at freedom to carry in AZ than CA.

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Yes I have more freedom in all the other 12 states I travel in, except around K-12 schools, where I have to unload and lock up just to drive by within 1000 feet… Not whining, just clarifying.


Thanks! Yeah, she is now pushing for more nonsense with her lawmaker cohorts. I know that articles of impeachment were introduced, but it will be a total miracle if that even gets that far.

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Except the Black Knight. He kept fighting. He kicked :smiley:

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