Favorite Tactical Pants?


Tacticool isn’t cool. But tactical pants are super practical (like the cargo shorts of pants). What are your favorite tactical pants or pants to wear when you carry?


I’ve had great luck with tru spec. Not over priced but good quality. The khaki and sand colors dont scream tacticool. I only wear bdu style shorts in public. The pants I wear when serving the church security team or yard work


Gonna have to go with the TactiKilt here @Dawn. Just sayin’.


I just wear jeans that are a little bigger, since I carry IWB. Any suggestions for a good pair of carry pants?


That’s funny!!! LOL!!!

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Pretty much just go around in jeans, though I do like me some Dickies cargo pants for work.


Carpenter jeans for me. During the summer, cargo shorts. I’m still weighing the pros and cons of “tactical” pants for me.


Not really tactical, but well made, comfortable, and loaded with useful pockets. The Duluth company DuluthFlex Fire Hose Cargo Work Pants.
Fantastic pants.


Hey @KeithK! Welcome to the community! That’s the second time in a week those have come across my radar… going to have to go check them out!

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The 5.11 women’s Stryke pants are probably up there on my list for training/shooting. I also love Girls With Guns’ Lassen hiking pants.


Welcome, @KeithK! I’ve heard nothing but good things about those Fire Hose pants!

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I took a chance on a pair about 4 years ago, and as other brands have worn out, I find that on any given day, I am now wearing about 70% Duluth. (My sons have also been lead astray and into the Cult of Duluth.), and my wife has a few of the Noga pants and various shirts.

The pants I really like, as they don’t look sloppy, but have pockets for my wallet, keys, carry credentials, cell phone, dog poop bag, and knives. With space left over. And it never feels like a load, or, from what I can tell, screams “Hey, I have a gun! Shoot me first!”

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I recommend LA POLICE GEAR to order from. I’ve ordered their home brand, and they were pretty good for around $20.00. I also signed up for the email sales alerts and one week later a deal came through for BLACKHAWK 5-11’s for $12.99. Hands down, the Blackhawk’s were far superior in quality and features. I ordered an OD and a Black pair for me, and an OD pair for my Wife. To be honest, I would gladly pay $30 for the pair if Blackhawks.

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Wait, what? I am supposed to wear pants at the range? No wonder…!


I love 5.11 defender flex pants. They look like normal pants but have hidden magazine pockets in the back. Plus they are stretchy especially around the waist band to help with carry. I also like the CQR flex stretch pants. They are a lot like the 5.11, but more water resistant.

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@_Robert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


I have plenty of 5.11 shorts and pants. I find they have lots of pockets and are very comfortable, keep their shape and are very durable.

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May 6th, 2019: For those who like 5.11 Galls.com is having a 20% off sale today on all 5.11 gear. Just thought I’d throw it out there if that tax refund is itching to get spent :slight_smile: