Favorite Hot Weather Cargo or Tactical or Just Rugged Outdoorsy Pants for Women?

We live in FL and my wife is a retired Army MP in her 50’s. She is looking for a couple pair of rugged and versatile pants that are also comfortable and more stylish than a pair of military fatigue uniform pants. What say you, ladies?

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Welcome to the family and god bless you and glad to have you on board.

Dede Adams has some leggings - https://deneadams.com/

Girls With Guns has some outdoorsy pants - https://gwgclothing.com/collections/womens-tactical-and-rangewear-apparel/gwg-pants/

Tactica has some cool pants too - https://tacticafashion.com/product/womens-tactical-pants/

I have heard great things about GWG and Dede Adams.

Anyone else have some suggestions?

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My GF wears the 5.11 pants quite a bit (even as professional buisiness attire). Quite a bit of variation on style, fit, and fabric. LA Police Gear has some too, and may be less expensive option. I have had good luck with their shorts.

Carhartt also makes some good ones in a cargo style, that she wears a bit. Particularly shorts.


OK. Thanks for the replies. She decided on LL Bean Vista Trekking pants, Tropicwear quick-dri pants, and canvas cargo pants…just in case anyone wants HER opinion.

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