Deep pocket pants for concealed carry

Anyone have knowledge of what brand of Pants has the deepest and widest pockets for gun access


Sure. You can get these from NEVSTUDIO for about $60.

Or you can get these harem style pants for about $30 a pair from Jing-shop.

And then there are these hip hop pants from Aelfric Eden at Waliicorners for a mere $45.43 a pair.


Don’t know how to link it but…CCW Concealed Breakaway Clothing

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Check 5.11 Tactical. I love their pants. Never looked for packet carry, but I’m sure you can find the proper pants for it.

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Ken38. Theres always one wise ass in any organization and i think i found him.


I have a few pair of carhart pants. They usually run about $100 but they have a change pocket on the right that I use when carrying without a holster. It holds my XDm .40 with ease and still conceals well. I usually carry my M&P shield .40 with integrated laser and the pants work fantastic. Easy to draw from, holds the firearm. I highly recommend trying them out. And they are really comfortable with lots of pockets for other edc utilities. I’m kind of hefty too.

Just sad when folks lament the things they ask for. Lol


Just keepin’ it light. That’s a premium talent nowadays. Most folks have totally lost their sense of humor. Welcome to the site.

Check 5.11, Duluth Trading, Carhart, and Wrangler. But not the regular Wrangler jeans. Look at their cargo pants, carpenter jeans, and fishing/hunting clothes. A lot of folks don’t realize they have a specialty line of clothing, but it is actually quite impressive and a great value. I wear 5.11 and Wrangler stuff for pocket carry. 5.11 TacLite Pro pants have HUGE hip pockets that actually allow me to carry a pistol in a DeSantis pocket holster very comfortably, well concealed, and VERY easy to access. Problem is they look like fatigue pants. So they have that whole “shoot me first” vibe going on. Ergo…the Wrangler fishing jeans and such.


Thanks. I’ve been looking at different pants. I like cargo shorts and pants. I like western wear mostly. I need new boots and hats. My head got bigger. :rofl:

I understand the thing about keeping it light but you should try to include serious information in the follow up. What you just posted here is very informative and I appreciate it. IT is what I was looking for.


These could definitely be considered grey man - you’d blend into an urban crowd. :thinking: :wink:

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When you start paying consultation fees, I’ll consider your feedback regarding my communication skills.

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Vertex makes a pair of jeans that are similar to the 5.11. Not saying one is better than the other, just an additional option.

If someone were asking for AR-15 concealed carry options I think those harem pants have potential.


@John680 … welcome aboard! I’ve tried pocket carry with cargo shorts and tactical pants, but have never been satisfied with accessing quickly, or having that 15 ounce pistol swinging like a pendulum in the pocket.

For safe and effective pocket carry (in pants), the pistol and holster need to fit relatively snug against your thigh or hip. A quick draw isn’t practical. Using this carry method, the “quick” part should be getting it out of the holster and pocket and on target. You have to find ways to get your hand IN the pocket without anyone realizing you are accessing a weapon. That requires a level of situational awareness and tactical forethought that most folks don’t possess.

You can also pocket carry in jacket/vest/coat pockets. But…again…this is as much art as science.

In essence, pocket carry for a man is akin to purse carry for a woman. It’s not dumb IF you do it right. But that means building habits…instinctive behavioral patterns…that aren’t all that obvious from the outside looking in. Frankly, if one is not a LEO, I believe the whole “quick draw” scenario is over-emphasized in today’s defensive firearms culture.

I use and wear regular Cargo pants every day and I can carry a compact 45 in front pocket easily and it pulls out quickly.
Semper Fi

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