Deep pockets

Not massive tax hikes.
When buying pants I always look at the pockets as I pocket carry.
I found some Orvis cargo shorts at Costco with exceptionally deep front pockets, made in Indonesia not the PRC, About $18 a copy.


Good deal.
Orvis makes great quality stuff.
I’m using their quarter-zip sweater, also made in Indonesia. Great product.

When buying garment I always look for “made in”:

These countries make best stuff.


I like deep pockets, and lots of them. I’ve had good luck with Wrangler cargo shorts. I am going to try a pair of 5.11 cargo shorts. I like the added small pockets for items like knives and flashlights.

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I find you sometimes have to reach too far for the pistol if the pockets are too deep. I actually have some pants that I want to shorten the pockets on to make it so casually placing my hand in my pocket puts it on the grip without having to dip my shoulder to reach it.

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Duluth Trading company! Those are the only leg wear I wear. Pants, shorts, they make the same ‘model’ in both so my pocket arrangement doesn’t have to change due to the season. You can get denim jeans or various styles of khakis from cargo work pants to casual dinner wear.
Plus some great commercials…

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Jeans with deep pockets have long been an issue.
I’ll check 'em out

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@John292, so I have a question. I’ve tried pocket carry with a small polymer-frame semiauto. My problem is, even with a small gun, it tends to pendulum back-and-forth as I walk. What do you carry?

A S&W Model 640 in a Bianchi 152. It’s a wide holster with the rough side out and two leather “horns” and stays in place very well (for me, anyway)

That sounds like more of an issue with the pants you are wearing than the firearm. I often pocket carry either an LCP or P365 and they stay put against my leg without swinging around. You want pants that will hide the outline of the pistol somewhat but not so baggy that the pockets flap around.