Pocket Dump: Deep Concealment Pocket Carry Pants?


Do you pocket carry your firearm? Do you deep conceal your carry? Here’s a pair of pants that does both. (No, they don’t make women’s pants yet.)

For this week’s pocket dump, show us your pocket carry rig!


@Dawn Please explain what “woman’s pants” are. While I am a fan of tight fittin’ jeans on a well proportioned lass I have seen too many MK1 MOD0 cammies (camouflaged utilities) that have greatly accentuated a ladies natural curves.



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Glock 42 in DeSantos pocket holster and a couple spare mags.

Now that it’s summer, I EDC pocket anti-print holster carry my Glock 36 and S&W Bodyguard.38+P far more than IWB or OWB.
Being of robust framige, I could likely cover a Vulcan mini-gun with the right over-shirt or jacket with minimal printing when it’s cooler.
I’ve even toyed with the idea of shoulder holsters, But that too would require wardrobe acquisitions to fit and cover, yet allow full and unfettered access to both firearm and magazines/speed loaders.
Fanny packs and murses are a non-starter. And the last thing I want is the sidewalk P.M.C. commando look that screams to every security guard and LEO, let alone the bad guys… HE’S GOT A GUN!

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I found an image on line that duplicates my pocket carry rig

S&W 640 with Pachmayrs.
Disappears in pleated slacks, coats, jackets, and cargo pants/shorts—not noticeable in fuller cut jeans but ridiculous in skinny jeans, which I don’t wear anyway.
Very comfortable as well and with my hand in my pocket the draw is fast especially using the thumb tab.
Downside is drawing from a seated position, like in a car.
Comforting to have walking in creepy alleys and parking garages. A good feature is that the entire holster can be taken out of the pocket with the exposed part of the revolver concealed by the palm of the hand for discreet transfer to somewhere else in the car.
That one can shoot through a coat pocket is also a plus in my book.

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