Everyday challenges for new-to-carrying?

When we start carrying there are a lot of little things we have to adjust to, avoiding schools and government buildings, not touching our gun in public…

What are other things you can would tell new carriers they may need to adjust to?

Here’s one thing I hadn’t even considered when I carried the first time.


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The school bit over here in Oregon, with a CHL. You can carry concealed into public schools.

Biggest thing I would recommend is to only carry at home and perform yard work, auto work, exercise, etc at home and carrying concealed. When you perform all those things in your safe area at home, you will get a feel for your firearm, maybe it’s in an area that is uncomfortable, perhaps how I bend down exposed my firearm.

Practice at home for all the things you do when out. When you make your adjustments, holster type, location of carry, clothing, etc and are practiced at home for how you are in public, you will be more at ease plus at home, you typically have mirrors so if you feel like its sticking g way out, you can check in the mirror. Typically you still wont see it and you can practice common body movements to see if you print and other things.

Better to learn in the safety of home then to have an accident your first time in public.


Wearing at home when you’re doing everyday activities is a great way to get used to carrying, @Orpackrat!


When I bought my gun, I had nothing to go along with; holster, ammo, etc. I didn’t buy anything prior because I didn’t know which gun I was going to buy (I did buy two safes though). Anyway, this gave me the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with the weapon in a guaranteed safe environment; no ammo. Ordered a holster and several different brands and grains of ammo. Got the holster first, so again, was able to get used to carrying, manipulating and getting comfortable with a gun before ever making it hot.

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This is my biggest problem! I always have to carry my purse to put my gun in while in the potty. These people need to get with the times and install built in gun shelves for us in the potties!

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@TWeinzerl - I totally agree! They need to have purse holders (gun holders) in the bathrooms everywhere.

Learn your state and local laws. Contact your local law enforcement agency and ask if you can talk to an officer. Ask them as many questions as you can think of and let them explain how they work situations with legal firearm carriers. Like what happens if I’m in a car accident and unable to respond and I’m armed. You won’t be shot yet your firearm will be secured by law enforcement. Some questions might seem weird but ask them anyway for it could save your life. Knowledge helps to make you a safe firearm carrier.

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I think it’s important that they know they should always be prepared for unexpected stops to places that may be legally deemed “gun free zones”, such as their childs school. Whenever I leave my house, I bring my Vaultek VT20 safe. I may get that unexpected call from my son’s school and have to go there. I certainly don’t want to take a chance going in carrying, no matter how well I may conceal things. I can park off school property and lock things up in the safe so that I’m legally compliant.

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Is your safe one that connects to the car, @Kerryman71? Some friends have one attached to their car under their passenger seat so that the safe can’t be stolen with the gun in it - unless the whole care is stolen.

Yes, it came with a cable, maybe six feet long, that I have attached in my truck. When you open the top of the safe, there’s a slot to attach the end of the cable into so that when you close it the safe is secured. I have the cable tucked away and the safe can fit under one of the seats so no one even sees it. It’s nice and portable and quickly accessible so I’m able to use it for my bedside safe as well as in my vehicles. I have another larger safe in the house that’s permanently secured.

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That’s awesome @Kerryman71! There’s even an app to track safe usage!


Looks like a good safety investment for in the car to me. The cable could even be attached to furniture in a hotel room if need be - from the looks of it.

Definitely. You wrap the cable through the end to attach it, so it’s definitely doable. With the app, you can also open it and control the sound and interior light.

That’s awesome! I’ve been looking for birthday presents for my boys (twins) and I think you just gave me a great idea! Thank you!!

You’re welcome. I didn’t opt for the fingerprint feature, but you have that option. I think it’s 80 dollars more. I actually even train with the safe; opening it in the dark (the numbers light up when you move your hand across them), opening it with my eyes closed, etc. The VT20 holds a full size loaded 9mm and two additional magazines. There’s also a smaller model.

I’m looking at vaults for home. I didn’t think about for the vehicle but that sounds like a good option. In Texas we can be parked on school property. We just can’t go inside or walk around with it. Some teachers keep loaded guns in their vehicles. My wife and son are teachers.

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I do have a portable safe for my SUV for when I am traveling in case I go through a state I can not carry in. Neither one of my vehicles has a trunk to lock my gun in. I am told that bolt cutters can cut through the cable though. I know, you are going to ask who carries bolt cutters? Well, half my facebook friends list carries bolt cutters because they rescue dogs and have been known to cut dogs off chains when they have been emaciated or left chained outside in horrible weather. Some of these people are ACO officers and would not break in cars to steal guns, but still, some people do carry bolt cutters. I really wanted a gun safe that goes under jeep seat until I read the reviews. It seems it is not hard to bust the lock and get into it. This is why I hid my car safe as best as I could in my SUV. I took into consideration that people might be able to see me getting into it so I tried to put in a spot that was easy to get to, would be blocked from view if I was standing with the door open getting my gun in or out, and still have it secure. I am one of those people that over think everything so I always consider the different laws in different states about brandishing and how those laws could be interpreted or how witness statements can be misconstrued. I hate to say that the political views of the town could influence a situation but unfortunately it does. For instance, in my town, no one would think twice about me putting a gun in a car safe and no one would freak out if they saw the gun for a split second as I was transferring it from my waist band to a safe . In a more liberal city, I am afraid they would. If someone who was very anti gun and scared of guns saw me transferring it freaked out and called police, it could mean a court case. I would probably win as I was just following the state laws, it is still a lot of attorney fees and stress I would rather avoid. Just something to think about when buying and hiding a car safe.

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You are correct, someone could cut through the cable. I have mine routed so the cable is hidden, and the safe gets hidden as well. Just having the safe satisfies the law, however, I agree that more is better, so I use the cable when it’s in my truck. I very rarely find the need to put my gun in it when I’m out but bring it just in case. I need it to be portable as I use it for my bedside safe also, and could end up in another vehicle while carrying. The Vaultek safe is very solid and would be difficult to pry open due to how it latches. There are also holes in the bottom of it if someone prefers a more permanent mounting. I also have a second job doing contracting work where a lot of people pay me in cash. I’ve probably used the safe more for that while in my truck than having my gun in it.

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I wish more people around me would use a safe. Just locking their car doors would go a long way. Or even wise up and don’t leave a gun in your car. So many have been stolen around here by meth heads. I get that these people are used to living in the sticks and never thought of locking their doors, but now too many burglaries have happened and more and more people are moving out this way. I was raised in the city and we locked our doors the second we walked through them.

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@Dawn, My local sheriff gave me permission to conceal carry at his office. I was shocked! Anyone with a CCW can carry in his office. You just can’t go back by the jail.

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