First Time Carrying In Public

Ok, silly as it seems but still a very big deal to me and actually it’s brought a new sense of awareness.

I’m a newer pistol owner but have had my Utah CC for 4.5 years and an Oregon for a couple months. I recently purchased a Stoeger STR9c and have run 250 rounds through it including self defense ammo.

I’ve been reading, studying and also watching videos.

There’s still lots Id like to learn and train for.

However, today I decided to actually conceal carry in public. :sunglasses:

Here’s what I realized.

#1 I like :beers: but I won’t be frequenting the local bar to drink.

#2 I’m scanning the scene a bit more than I used to.

#3 I need new clothes as most of it is athletic fit, except my Hawaiian shirt, which I’m wearing now.

#4 No turning back.

How was your first time? :nerd_face:

  1. Saving alot of money by not drinking! (Lol! Need my whit’s about me)
  2. My head is always on a swivel and have learned to trust my “Spidy” senses.
  3. The money I saved from #1 I spent on new clothing🤣
  4. I think I now have O.C.D.! Wallet, keys, gun, extra mag, knife flashlight, phone 3x before leaving the house. :rofl::+1:

Combination of the whistling scene from Clint Eastwood in “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” :cowboy_hat_face:. As well as “Ace Ventura Pet Detective” :nerd_face: as I was sure everyone could tell I was carrying a 1911 on a 5’11’ body that weighed 155 pound (if you counted the 1911 and 2 spare mags).


I started thinking the same things


Pet detective is funny.


It was a LONG time ago, but I remember a very conscious state of awareness and being scared to death. I think this is healthy though. You are new, learning as you go. You will develop confidence over time.
I remember the first time I had to walk through one of those scanners they set up to be sure you are not walking out with unpaid merchandise. Oh damn! Do I go through or not! What do I do if the darn thing goes off?

As you learn, gain experience and become part of the community you will look back and laugh. But, they were healthy thoughts! You were doing everything in your power to follow the law. This is good. Ask questions. Read. Watch the news and join CCW Organizations in your state and get involved.

It has become so second nature to me now I need to really think about it more. It isnt uncommon for me to forget I am carrying sometimes until I take my pants off at night.


My first time was pretty much like yours. I had a heightened sense of situational awareness all of a sudden. I always was looking around waiting for something to happen. I have been carrying since age 24. I won’t tell you how long that is but you will get used to it yourself. Carry on brother.


No problems with a t-shirt to cover in the summer time and jackets to cover in cooler weather. I use a paddle holster


#2 is something that will carry over into every aspect of your life - including driving. I’ve avoided a few inattentive drivers on the road due to being more aware and looking around me more.

#3 women’s clothing is a pain when it comes to carrying. Everything is fitted and if you wear a size bigger to cover, it’s a bit uncomfortable. I need to get some Hawaiian shirts :wink:


Yes, I do not picture you wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt out and about. Though it would be more comfortable.


My first time I was so nervous. I keep mine at the 5 position and I kept touching my shirt, adjusting it, pulling up my pants a little bit and just straight out messing with it. Of course paranoia was setting in because I was afraid that someone would know I had it. Yes I was more aware of what was around me but for the wrong reasons. :dizzy_face:. After that I started watching videos about carrying and I learned that most people will not notice… if you stop touching your shirt. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I lost a pound in water weight.
I was on a swivel.
They knew.
I knew they knew.
They knew I knew they knew.
I knew they knew I knew they knew!
It was a good time had by all.
then it got better, I got better, they didn’t care.


Thanks for your depth of insight and encouragement.


That’s funny


Well, I figure to practice good habits as best as I can, but the grip dig on my side is a tad annoying :slight_smile:


Thanks Dawn, I’ve always liked stylish clothes that are a bit more form fitting, but I’ll adjust my style.


@Chad37, I’m just glad you are here with us.

It will come more natrual as time goes forward.

I think the biggest thing and maybe it was for me…LAWS!

You don’t want to break the law. Here is something that might make you laugh. When I first started carrying…I walked into a dead gum voting location carrying and get this I was open carrying!!!

How I did not end up in the back of a squad car and mug shot plastered all over the city still baffles me today.

Or how about this year @MikeBKY had to teach me that the Louisiana law for my vehicle being an asset to my home did not apply on ‘post-office’ grounds !!! As silly as this might seem… Laws can be a little tricky.


When I lived in Florida I got used to wearing a large, very lightweight, maybe 2 size oversize over my T-shirt. I didnt really look too out of place, loose shirts and hot weather are a good mix, and just buttoning the button just above the belt kept breezes from allowing the holster to be exposed. That was over 40 years ago. Carry rigs were still pretty primitive. With the new materials and styles it is a lot easier to not print and they can be a lot more comfortable.


A lot of my grandson’s friends think it is funny that I am almost always wearing western-style boots with Hawaiian shirts.


@Chad37, great news! Congratulations.

  • My first time was only a few years ago. I was absolutely paranoid about printing. It only took me a week or so to realize that the vast majority of John Q. Public either don’t notice or don’t care.

  • I spent as much on holsters as I did on my firearms until I finally found the “perfect” one. The “perfect” one varies with weather, clothing, and the firearm I’m carrying.

  • Ditto on awareness. It’s almost like I gained a sixth-sense when I started carrying. I’m hyper-aware of everything around me now.

Glad there’s another good guy walking the streets with his CC. Great story Chad.