Experiences before and after first time CC

Just wondering what people have experienced concerning CC. What things did you think were important that turned out not to be? Or vice-versa…


Only good things happened once I considered CC.

  1. I gained more knowledge about living in community (I’ve been always choosing quiet and safe places to live, but never thinking about any danger)
  2. I’ve been more confident during crazy situations (last 3 weeks proved this)
  3. I found another passion in my life

There is nothing that turned out. All as expected.

One disappointment: 50 different gun laws :pensive:


No one is checking you out close enough to notice your pistol beneath a loose shirt. If your effort to conceal is even half reasonable, people’s apathy and inattention to detail will do the rest.


Everyone is oblivious, only I know I’m carrying.
Pay closer attention to the law. It changes every half hour.
Politicians are more dangerous than the average citizen.
I still feel weird walking into a bank with a mask and a piece on my hip.
Keep myself out of difficult situations.
I drive slower or should I say the speed limit, used to be a lead foot.
Used to ask my wife, “can you see it” (are we there yet…)
My wardrobe changed dramatically.
I practice more frequently. I have the confidence to place a shot.
Mentally prepared to take a life to save a life.
Quit smoking to buy more ammo.


Absolutely everything you said. With regards to traffic laws, I’m not afraid of police( assume you aren’t either) just have no desire for an interaction that could have been avoided


:joy: :joy: :joy:
For now I’ve stuck with 50 :lying_face:
I’m trying to understand how I can legally travel between Counties or Cities… IL is so crazy…

Island - great idea… tiny island with house, small harbor, beach and gun range :slightly_smiling_face:

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My carry gun came with two magazines One extended mag that holds +1 round, and a flush for round. I shot better with the extended mag, so that’s what I carried. BUT, I was always anxious over printing (which wasn’t bad printing either). Stopped carrying for a while When I came back to carry, I Switched to the flush even though I shot the other one better (I could still shoot with the flush at acceptable self defense range). I actually started carrying regularly because of the flush fit. I also shoot the flush fit mag better now after a lot of range practice :joy:.

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I’m traveling to see family outside of Chicago next month. Florida doesn’t have any reciprocity laws with IL. With Illinois/Chicago’s strict gun laws, and my inability to conceal in IL, I’m not even bringing my gun.

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I got to shoot on a beach range, once. It was kind of fun watching the bullets skip across the bay.

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I was obsessed with printing when I started carrying. I quickly figured out the vast majority of the public is oblivious, and that I really wasn’t printing noticeably to begin with. My situational awareness also went into overdrive. I’m much more diligent scanning my surroundings, looking at egress points, etc. Finally, I’m much more cautious driving. Still a bit over the speed limit, but no more “California stops” or burned out bulbs. Want to do everything I can to minimize chance encounters with LEO’s.


EVERY new CC person thinks the entire world notices their gun “bulge” agains their cover garment. There are two kinds of folks out there. The ones that will NOT notice (99.999999%) and the ones that will and won’t care (.0000001%). in decades of carrying concealed I have never been harassed by anyone about my CC.


The first month I carried, I was convinced everyone on the planet knew I had a gun.
The second month, I was convinced only half the people on the planet knew I had a gun.
By the third month I realized no one gave a damn! Everyone just goes about their daily lives kinda oblivious to their surroundings.
It is, however, this obliviousness that gives the wolves the advantage over the sheep. It’s the sheepdog that confronts the wolf; not the sheep.


When i first started CCing, I was overly concerned about printing. I would change clothes if I could see the extra bulge in the mirror.
Then I was worried about people seeing my spare magazine.
Now I’ve ran around open carrying a full size and open carrying spare mags for it as case studies. It’s been my experience people are oblivious, and those that aren’t don’t care.


It’s called catenary, and it’s an incredibly hard skill to master. Shooting from a boat at a target on the water. You are moving in 3 dimensions as is your target.


My first time carrying I was convinced everyone could tell. But after a few months I couldn’t even tell.

:thinking: Why Hollywood “stars” have never had this problem… :roll_eyes:

It is quite challenging… shooting boueys, not being star :slightly_smiling_face:

Look up the transport laws for Illinois. Don’t leave yourself defenseless…Chicago is getting more dangerous by the day