Do you vote?

Election season is upon us again - whether we like it or not. If you’re in one of the influential states, you’re already inundated with political advertising from all of the candidates.

There are so many different elections this year - from local government to the President of the United States.

Do you vote in every election — no matter the office or which part of the process (primaries)?


Every election since 1976. Primaries, local-only, national - every one.


Yes I do. Looking at primary elections, they often have more local impact than on the general election. The local elections, I feel, is where the real battle for our rights will be fought.


Yes in every election, Nancy cracks the whip on me. :wink:

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I aways vote. Then I make it a point to lie to the people doing the exit polls. Just hoping millions of others do the same.


I opted out during the Obama years. I am considering re-engaging in the process. It’s hard though. I have a strong distrust for politicians. I don’t trust either side… I think they exist to perpetuate a false choice for the American voter. And I don’t do the “lesser-of-two-evils” thing. It’s an insult to the people. Finally, I don’t believe that the true issues of this country can be solved through political means. :v:t5:

Yes, and like an idiot I donated to my politician of choice, this election cycle twice, but forgot and gave my real contact info. I have never been so aggressively solicited. They are worse than this Nigerian bank official who has a $150,000,000. Who promises he is going to give me a 10% finder’s fee if I help him get the money to America through my account. That check should be here any day now.

2-3 times a day, x benefactor will donate triple what ever I can donate. Usually they ask for more than the cost of a box of ammo . So I go to range instead.

All of the above is.mostly true but sarcasm and humor were used. So secret NSA guy, who might be reading this, it’s all in good fun. MURICA. :eyes::us_outlying_islands::innocent::crazy_face:


Same, but since 1978.


Yes I vote in every election.


Yes, I vote in both the primary and the general elections.


Yes Ma’am, I do.


All of them. I vote absentee so I do not forget one either.


Yes I do in every election, local and National, don’t forget about your Fourth Amendment Right also.


Yes, in every election/primary since I retired from the Navy. I did not vote while in the Navy because I was witness to some very underhanded (IMHO) dealings with security clearances and voting records and as an Officer that I respected greatly once said “I cannot in good conscience have a say in who my boss will be as I must follow his orders regardless, voting fore or against might influence that”. Today (Super Tuesday) I voted for my favorite Democrat which happens to have a great set of legs and looks as good coming as she does going even though she doesn’t have a prayer in the convention. Lest I be accused of being a chronic observer of the female form she also made the most sense out of the 324 Democratic candidates this cycle.



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Yes of course I vote

I guess this is another one of those polls I’m not supposed to answer, but no, I don’t always vote. In our local election, I didn’t even know who the candidates were. I feels very irresponsible to vote blind. I know as a citizen it’s my duty to learn who I’m voting for, but if I don’t then I abstain.

I’ve also cast more than 1 protest votes in my time. I haven’t felt as dedicated to voting since I learned about some of the shenanigans that are used to disenfranchise voters.

“We do”.
We also each vote how we want to. We respect each others decision.
I am Republican, my wife is independent because she can’t stand either party. I was independent for years but changed because I wanted a say in the primary.

Our son recently registered to vote. I told him at was 100% his decision and I would not interfere BUT if you wanted to vote in a Primary… you had to choose D or R. He chose R.

I fully believe everyone gets to make a choice and I do NOT question that.

One of my best friends still can’t accept I voted Trump and said he hopes I make a better decision for the next election. I told him it’s a free Country and I could and would vote my heart. He has not responded to my text. Oh well.

I know a “person” who voted for Bill Clinton because he was “good looking”… well she had a reason albeit not a valid one in my world… I also know people who vote the way a generation of families have, all blue or red.

I know my wife hates local stuff it so I do my best to give her options without my feelings.

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I only vote locally. The whole red vs blue, Republican vs Democrat, Conservative vs Liberal paradigm is played out, in my opinion. It represents a false choice for moral people. I don’t identify with either of the parties to the degree that I can support them. No matter who wins… A small group of people remain in power. :100:

So recently, my pastor allowed a Michael Bloomberg surrogate to show up to speak to the congregation. Yeah Emperor Palpatine sent a representative to my church & the pastor allowed it. Yet, no Republican or Independent candidate has been allowed the same privilege. They are attempting to keep the people on the Democratic plantation. That was back in January or February, prior to lockdown…

:point_right:t5: Conclusion: I’m done with that particular church. I’ll be looking for "THE CHURCH"not “a church” going forward! :v:t5:


No, I do not vote. It is the worst political scam under the guise of freedom since watergate. Like all other political criminals. My opinion

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I had put off my own voting for some time, but this Fall 2020 I’m voting. What drew me in this Fall were two Q’s on the IL ballot:

“If those with higher incomes should be taxed higher”

“Should the State of Illinois restrict the sale or possession of firearms that have been defined as assault weapons or of magazines that can hold more than a certain number of rounds of ammunition”

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