Is your state allowing voting?

Wisconsin’s Presidential Primary was today - and yes I went and voted. They handed out free masks, had a plexiglass divider that you held your ID up to, gave each person their own pen and wiped down the booth between each person. Their precautions were impressive.

Is your state allowing in-person voting to continue?

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Florida’s primary was March 3. I think. I voted via mail and my wife voted early in person.


IL held its primary just before the shelter in place order, the schools were already closed by that point. I brought my own pen and hand sanitizer, but the poll workers had them to provide to people who didn’t bring their own.

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Update, 9 April: Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Georgia primary will be set back a second time; now scheduled for June 9th. This to allow more time between the expected peak of infections in Georgia on or about April 21st and opening of early voting schedules.
)still valid(
Mail in ballots are encouraged with a distribution of applications to the current registered voters.

Georgia is delayed to May.

Mail is the route I’m taking @CHRIS4 , gotta get my form in

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Vote for a democratic contender? No can do. I am a Republican. Tennessee had there dem primary March 3rd.
Politics IMHO should not be a topic for this forum. I am already in a unfriendly discussion with someone and I can spar all day with a political foe.
I am through with this topic.

Who is that question for, Simjack?

Dawn started the chat, read the whole feed.

@Simjack - I would respectfully suggest that you did not answer the question. If the answer were as obvious as you seem to suggest, it would not need to be asked.

I am also interested in your answer.


VA primary voting was much earlier and I voted for the Democratic candidate of my choice. I voted for Tulsi Gabbard because I have this thing for Hawaiian women and she has a great butt, other than her physical attributes it sucked votes off Biden and Sanders as I told a good many people about my plan who were not voting because Trump wasn’t primary’d.



I don’t care what you think. The Wisconsin Primary was a democratic primary. The choices don’t matter because Biden has dementia and Bernie is a socialist quack.

Wow, are you always this unpleasant? Most people here are very polite, unlike other such communities. You will like it here if you would lower your shields a bit. You are among friends here sir.


Wisconsin voting was not just for the presidential primary on April 7, we were also voting for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Circuit Court.

Please remember that namecalling of anyone is not allowed in this Community. If you don’t like someone, you are welcome to express that respectfully. If you don’t like the topic, there are literally hundreds of other topics that might fit your interests better throughout this Community. There is no need for nasty comments here.


IMHO the voting topic is in the wrong category. It has nothing to do with Legal and Second Amendment. Perhaps miscellaneous?

I am not unpleasant always, but I do get aggravated trying to help and educate people but nobody listens. I would give the shirt off my back for someone in need.
I joined the USCCA for legal council only. I have tried to make some posts; some for thought, some to educate.