Deleted My Facebook account today

Ditto! :facepunch:t2:


I keep a false account so that I can see posts and feeds that are blocked without one.

I will say my favorite thing to do when I visit my brother and sister in law is to loudly state repeatedly how I need hemorrhoid cream or vag itch cream because their alexa and Siri catch what I say and start spamming them with hemorrhoid cream and vag itch cream ads. They both tend to text me or call within a day to complain that they get ads on every device after I leave. It’s the little things I take great pleasure in.


@Jerzy I keep my Facebook account for one reason only. My church uses it as a platform to live stream Sunday services on the days I can’t physically be in church.


@Erik10 , you have a dark gift! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Also deleted my Facebook. Not going to stay on and be a political hypocrite.


Mine is gone yesterday after 10 years. I was barely using it anyway.


I am on facebook for family. Like any social media, you control what you share and what you view. Personally for me, if I have not met you, we are not “friends.” I have gotten on Parler and MeWe, but I so far have put about as much effort into them as I have my facebook. There is also another site that is a firearms-type social media platform instead of a typical forum-style such as this. It is But it is (at this point) more firearms-oriented compared to the wide open focus of most social media.


I would normally would probably not have a Facebook page but, since I advertise my work, ( Pla Mor bar and grill ) to let people know what I am cooking today. My personal page is what I cook at home. Home is my test kitchen, so I get to experiment. I also share my food on Instagram with people all over the world. I just started up a You tube Channel on cooking. I am starting with curing salmon and smoking salmon. I have been on T.V. several times and the more I advertise the more people will come by and try the best burger ever or my specials.!


Due to in justified censorship and mistreatment of conservative pages on social media, I want to delete my accounts.

However, I also don’t want to hurt the businesses I subscribe too like WPSN. By leaving one platform and joining another, we create seperate each chambers where we can’t share and learn anymore. However, so am absolutely against the sensor ship being pushed right now.

What are y’all’s thoughts?
(This is very relevant to the gun and self defense industry since many of these businesses utilize mainstream social media platforms to spread their message and services)

I know we have different political beliefs here, but we’ve known for a long time, the gun industry is constantly picked on on every big platform.


I’ve deleted all big tech social media only to be able to focus my energy where it can be productive.

Its gonna be a long rough road ahead, find platforms that limit drama and maximize education.


Yes, it will.

I am moving my social media accounts to Parler, CloutHub, and Gab. I know Parler’s servers are going offline by sometime tonight, but they will be back online. They have a backup plan.


I’ve always been happier and more productive when I disconnect from social media.


I just hope the virtual split of Americans into two different web universes isn’t a harbinger of things to come in the physical world. But it’s hard to imagine how we can come together if we can’t even talk to each other. Perhaps our tech is a modern Tower of Babel, bringing us together before driving us apart.


I dont know if it’s tower of babel but whats going on is very much on a biblical level


Just deleted my two Facebook accounts. I created a Parler account a while back, but I honestly don’t think I’ll be filling the void. Social media has many detrimental effects on society, this big censorship thing, huge leftists social media platforms being the “protectors of truth” is one of them.


I’m moving to Parler and MeWe


I did it once for lent and was off social media for 6 yrs having never missed it. Got back into it and nothing had changed. I suspect this will be a longer run.


I pray you are right.

I fear we’re headed to a much darker place.


Trump was a great boon for all of social media, drawing many eyes to social media, not sure why you think social media is leftist. They make their money by monetizing the data of their users and selling advertising. Advertisers stop putting adds on social media and stop buying their information when the content contains references to inciting violence, hate speech, racism, etc. In order to preserve their revenue, they have to remove posts that don’t meet their rules of service.


That is one of the most disingenuous statements I have read in a very long time.