Should we support businesses that advertise in FB or Twitter?

America has taken a dark turn and certainly we have much to do to put her back on course. One of the easiest and most immediate things that can be done is to reach out to any business that advertises on those platforms and express your displeasure. If they don’t respond, move your business elsewhere. If the leftist are allowed to trample the 1st, the 2nd cannot be far behind. And yes. I realize that USCCA frequently has ads on FB so, I’m asking them to pull all of their FB ads.


I report all advertising that is not gun or self-defense (or prepper) oriented.

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In order for you to see that someone (company) is advertising on FB, don’t you have to be on FB? I am calling on anyone that has a FB account to delete it immediately. That is one of the easiest and most immediate things that can be done to impact FB. If there is no one there to see them, companies won’t pay to advertise there. You are supporting FB by being a member there.


For me, advertising on facebook isnt necessarily a deal-breaker. Businesses need to stay in business and part of that is trying to make the best decisions in where to spend their money for maximum effect. If/when facebook traffic goes down, advertising with sites like facebook will become less appealing and companies will not advertise as much as they dont get as much bang for their buck.

That said, instead of not supporting businesses that advertise on facebook, why not just go out of your way to support businesses that advertise on platforms and site that you DO agree with? When you do that, make it clear to the company that you chose them because of their advertisement on X site or platform? Send them a message or click on the link through that site or platform so the company gets the feedback that advertising on that site.

That is the approach I take.


What Brian139 said. FB is an advertising platform disguised as something else. Thinly disguised. I have been supporting business that are on other platforms.

If they have a FB page, and advertise it on their website, then you know. No account needed.

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Even if millions delete their FB accounts, that means little to FB. FB derive their revenue from their advertising. You will have a far greater impact by targeting their source of revenue than by deleting your account. USCCA knows my feelings from my topic. I just got off the phone with my H&R block agent and explained to her why I would be using a different tax service this year. She is contacting her corporate office immediately to share my concerns. I’ll keep scanning FB frequently in search of other advertisers and since fb targets the ads I see based on what they know about me, it makes it easy to talk to the people who receive my dollars.


Profits over principles all the way…???


When millions delete their accounts or allow them to become dormant through disuse, any advertising becomes less valuable and hurts Facebook.


I would say that USCCA advertising on Facebook is the 2A equivalent of a Christian proselytizing. You can’t do that to the already-converted.

Nope, business is business. Profit is the purpose of any business of course, but its about competing for sales. No sales, no jobs for the employees. More sales, company expands, more jobs. Simple. If one company doesnt advertise on facebook, chances are its competitor will, and that will take sales from the “principled” company. So, in your scenario, your “principled” company will not grow at the same rate as the “unprincipled” company. Cause lets face it, these massive tech platforms are the big advertising opportunities. We are talking about facebook, but the conversation could easily be expanded to any mainstream media company such as NBA, CBS, etc. It is impossible to realistically boycott all those companies.

Its like the PPP program. Regardless of a person’s political leanings or feelings about it, a company has a responsibility to take the loan. It is to help the company (and that helps the employees) through that time. And it is easy to point to examples of fraud, but I would counter that with the thousands of businesses that have gone out of business in spite of loans.

One thing I will preface, and perhaps I should have done this in my original post, is I will refuse to do business with a company that actually makes a corporate statement against my beliefs. Perfect example is the Gillette toxic masculinity corporate position.


Maybe it’s working. There seem to be a lot of ‘converts’ who pretty strongly advocate for watering down 2A around here lately.

Plus, when all of the ‘never gonna converts’ see insurance being sold for firearms owners (aka muder insurance) that automatically puts it in the category of ‘risky activity’ rather than ‘inalienable right’.

It would be great, super duper, awesome for USCCA if insurance to cover firearms owners was legislated, but probably the opposite impact would be had on consumers and the 2A itself.

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I completely disagree. Do you know what FB members are? They are the product that FB is selling. That is why it is free for you to use. You are their product. If millions of people delete their accounts, they have millions fewer product to sell. That is FBs business model.

The closest analogy I can think of is the cost of TV advertising. The more viewership that a TV show has, the more they can get away with charging more for advertising on that show.


Has Facebook made corporate statements that go against your beliefs? If yes, and if you have an account there, then you are doing exactly what you say you won’t.

If you think that because you are not giving them money that it is not “doing business” you are incorrect. They are monetizing your membership.


Yup, no impact…

Updated after market close.
Still no impact…


Your point is good, however directly contacting their advertising base also sends a message. Therefore, I’ll do both and eliminate my fb account right after I make a complete list of advertisers that appear there.

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I couldn’t have said it better.

So fascinated by the topic, I just want to join FB, so I can have the pleasure of quitting!


I think I am with @Brian139 . Facespook is a tool, we use it for work, I make money at work. Privately, I am looking for a better alternative, because I think the facespook censoring is total BS.

What better advertising platform does a small business have other than facespook? It is free, it works, people are on it.

I work in the sign business. I have done a lot of political signs for people I totally do not agree with. We did a good number of Hillary for Pres 2016 signs, I helped them carry them to their cars. Nice folks, just confused politically. LOL, I used that weeks bonus to buy ammo…

I do my best to ‘vote with my wallet’, but I am not going to shoot off my foot to do it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am incensed on what is going on with social media and the selective outrage. If an alternative such as Parler gets up and going and competes with facespook and is effective, hell yeah.

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Applying the same logic you should get your third world child labor lines up and running. I mean, if you dont use them someone else will and then they will have more market share and higher margins than you. Oh wait, too late to get an advantage on that one.

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I can’t boycott something I don’t use.

It’s an interesting topic, though. On the one hand, I get tired of people who complain about “cancel culture” while practicing it in their own way. I roll my eyes every time I hear someone call for a boycott, whether it’s from the right or left. I don’t want to make political decisions every time I go shopping, I just want to buy toilet paper.

On the other hand, big companies like this get away with their shenanigans exactly because they know people will move on. We have a fast news cycle. Everyone will be outraged for awhile, and then they’ll forget. If I had a dollar for everyone who said they think Facebook did something wrong but they need it for business/family/friends, I wouldn’t need to work. Of course Facebook considers this when they make their business decisions. Their actions have few consequences.