Crossbreed Holsters

Good deal sir. I am glad you like it. Enjoy your weekend.

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I have an IWB supertuck that is very comfortable. Big mistake I made was not getting the combat cut, I had periodic issues with the mag release being depressed by the leather backing. A trip to a local leather Smith to have it trimmed down quite a bit and no longer have that issue and is now also easier to draw. The leather smith who also makes custom holsters from all leather to leather and kydex to all kydex was rather impressed with how grainy and strong the leather was. I have had the holster for over a year and is used almost daily unless I’m carrying a different firearm and I would highly recommend them but I also try to do my best to also support a local guy who makes high quality holsters as well.


Just another follow up on the reckoning.

It scraped me up pretty bad a while back so I stopped using it for a few months. I put it back on yesterday. As long as I have an undershirt on, and I move it a little further back than usual, (I’ve started moving closer to 3:00 than 4:00 lately), it is very comfortable. I conceals well, and tucking in works really well. It will be the holster I used for when I dress up and need to tuck in, or if I plan on wearing it for a long while.

My go to will always be the single clip codex because it’s just so easy to clip on and off. The hybrid holster with two clips can be hard to clip on sometimes.

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