Pistol Packing Mamas I need help please?

Pistol Packing Mamas

My mom got her Concealed Pistol License and is carrying in a purse right now. She is thinking about getting a holster so she can carry on the body. She asked me for advice, and I offered her two suggestions.

  1. Buy from a company that offers a 2 week to 1 month Trial period. If you’re not happy with the Holster, then you can get your money back or try a different holster from the same company. I told her about the Free Trails because one of her objections to buying a holster as she is afraid she will be blowing money on something she won’t like.

  2. Get a Holster made for your specific gun and not something they promise will fit every weapon. Since she has a Smith and Wesson EZ chambered in 380, this leaves her with a lot of options.

I did some quick research and found out CrossBreed Holsters offers a Two Week Trial and Aliengear provides a 30 Day Trail and it looks like DeSantis offers a 30 Day trail minus a 20% restocking fee.

AlienGear ShapeShift Core Carry Pack would give her the option of carrying her Smith and Wesson Shield EZ on strongside IWB, Appendix, or Outside the Waistband in a Paddle Holster. So it’s the most versatile option I found. However, I have no experience with Aliengear. So I don’t know if this is good or junk.

CrossBreed Holsters, which I use for my Shield and my CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical, has three holsters that would work for her gun.

Plus, Both Aliengear and CrossBreed offer Belly Band Holsters as well, so that is another option she may like.

Pistol Packing Mamas What advice would you offer her?

What Holster do you use for concealed carry daily?

What position works best for you?

Ps. I don’t care if you don’t use Aliengear or Crossbreed I want to know what is comfortable for you. I am a man and so what works for me may not work for her. I carry at 4 inside the waistband most of the time.


I own crossbreed, alien gear, and cya holsters

I would recommend all of them. I highly recommend the Alien gear shape shift for anyone wanting to try different carry positions. When it first came to my house (it looks big for some reason) BUT it’s comfortable, there’s no screws to loctite, and It’s easy to conceal.

They were slow to deliver orders last I saw but they may have stepped up there game a bit.

I do like my CYA holsters. They’re affordable. They can work AIWB, or 3-5 ocklock. They are definitely not as comfortable as the others, but they are very easy to clip on and go. This is usually what I’m wearing.

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Sticky holsters work well.

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Mama chiming in @Johnathan4
First, you are a good son to be so much help with finding a rig for your Mom to carry on body. For my 380, my favorite holster is a suede Galco pocket holster; it stays put on the draw. The 380 gets the most use in the summer months. I also have a kydex IWB holster that I sometimes use, and I have the Crossbreed belly band rig with a holster for both the 380 and the P365. I like that the hook and loop velcro allows for different firearms and that the gun can be positioned however the carrier wants. I suggest sizing up if it’s even near borderline, if she goes that route. I do wish the belly band itself was a little wider, but I’m actually thinking about using the Crossbreed in the car and trying the Tactica belly band rig come fall. You should tell your Mom that she will probably end up with more than one holster, as wardrobe choice dictates the carry rig for the day. Dress/skirt days call for a thigh holster, for instance that’s what I use, anyway). Best to your Mom from me :slight_smile:


Every issue of Concealed Carry Magazine has a section in the back that is dedicated to women’s concealed carry issues. You might find some good ideas there.


@Jonathan4 - About a month ago we had people with boxes of holsters laying
around. We did an holster exchange and it worked out well. Dawn did not have
a problem if you asked for a particular holster and then PM the person who had
the holster to work out the details. Just a thought. Mike_T


I also carry at 4 o’clock most of the time IWB and OWB. I wear the C&G holster which is a company owned by VETS and they fit my m&p shields perfectly. Check out C&G holsters made in USA.


Girlfriend carries a Sig P365, which is about the same size. From Crossbreed she has a SuperTuk IWB, and a leather OWB holster, and uses a Hanks Belt. She also has a belly band that she got from Gungoddess.com, not sure which one it is though. She also has an appendix one from Muddy River Tactical, but not had a chance to use it really.

She uses the two CB’s the most, by far.


I started with a sticky holster as it let me try out a bunch of different carry positions and holster cants. When I found what I liked for positioning, I looked at other holsters that I could use in that location.

My current holster is a JM4Tactical magnetic holster. I can move it around to different positions if needed. At night I have it hanging to the top of my safe (the magnets are strong) so that it’s easily accessible to me, but not my granddaughter who is about 20 months old.

I think I know anyone who has just one holster… It’s kind of like purses for women - you may want multiple - for different occasions - or you try a bunch until you find what you love… or is at least useful.


I would use Foxx Holsters … and I do! My CCW lineup consists of a full-size 1911, a Springfield 911, and occasionally a S&W 442.
I use a foxx IWB Hybrid for my 1911, and it’s a copy of a crossbreed, at a lower cost, and possibly more upgrade options!

I just ordered a foxx OWB hybrid for my S&W 442, on its way.

I’ve previously had a few of their iwb hybrids for different guns and have also used crossbreed. No noticeable difference to me, other than base price.


@Dawn reminded me of a holster we use in common. I have a magnetic holster as well, and absolutely love it in the short time I’ve been using it. Very versatile. The Well Armed Woman has the one I use, and other stores too.


OK this is in the I never thought I’d discuss this online category… In the restroom stall, the magnetic holsters are awesome because you can hang them right next to you on the metal stall wall where no one’s arms can reach it over or under the stall… :innocent: No one sees it at all!


I figured I wasn’t the only one :slight_smile: It is very convenient, and someone else in the room couldn’t guess what that sound is when you stick it on the wall. One of the many things I love about it.


I looked at Galco’s pocket holsters and while they make one that fits my Smith and Wesson Shield they don’t make one that would fit her EZ 380. I understand this because her 380 is bigger than my shield.

Thank you for the idea. I may buy a pocket holster for my shield for this summer from them.

I checked this out and CrossBreed does make a Belly Band holster that will fit her S&W EZ 380. So I will order one for her to try.

DawnCommunity Manager

Thanks for the heads up on the magnetic holster it’s a really cool idea plus leather is more comfortable than Kydex.

I checked out https://jm4tactical.com/

How long have you used your magnetic holster? Can you tell me more about the benefits? what are the drawbacks?

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I’m glad to be able to offer something helpful, @Jonathan4. As for pocket holsters, most everybody makes some kind, just a matter of finding what Mom will like. I won’t step in on a question you asked of @Dawn, about magnetic holsters, but will say I love the versatility of mine. I expect she will be very helpful with her answer.

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I have a sticky holster for my Ruger LCP 2 and love it. Pocket and IWB carry.