Conversations about staying safe

Everywhere you look there are conversations about staying safe in this very unusual time. From conflicting news reports to school closures, everyone is talking about how to stay safe.

A lot of people are realizing that it’s in their best interest to be able to defend themselves - if the worst should happen - which all of you long-time responsibly armed Americans already know.

Please invite your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else who is new to the self-defense lifestyle to visit the Community. We want to help them learn to best protect themselves and the ones they love during this uncertain time.

What Community topics have you found the most helpful to you?

Please paste the link in the comments below as a quick reference to those who are new to the Community.


The personal stories of people’s experiences have been helpful in a couple of ways. One, I build a prayer list for those suffering far worse than I am.
Two, it keeps things in perspective.
To be honest the humor posts have been the most helpful, as they relieve stress, and laughter is still the best medicine.

Stay strong and vigilant. There is help, empathy, and caring in this community.
This will pass, and we will be stronger for it.
God bless,


The most important conversation I’m having is with my grown children, one who lives in NYC and one living in Miami. With people willing to brawl over TP just think what you can expect if those same people start to actually go without food.
For the most of us home defense is possible against a very small number and a rare attack. However IMHO, a mob is not really something you can deal with. If a mob thinks you have something they want they will come and get it. Those of us who live far enough away from the metro areas are more immune to a mob invasion. Metro areas not so much.
So, the conversation with the kids is about reading the signs, getting out early, and reaching my house. We will not be able to come rescue them.


All legal advices. It doesn’t matter what happens around, we always have to know what is right and what is wrong.


It’s not so much the topics it’s the people contributing. I can post a question in a group on Facebook and just get dumped on, ask that same question here and people want to help and get you the most accurate information they are aware of. I was worried when it went from the orginal 50 to a public forum. But so far it’s my go to place for any advice related to anything self defense.


Almost any archived “Ask an Attorney” Tom and Kevin do a really great job of reminding us

Self defense not Stuff defense.

I don’t know the link Dawn but that one on Concealed Carry: Fact vs Fiction.

The 4 Universal Safety Rules of Gun Handling.

The many people here I consider friends, all of those are things that I wish people outside this community knew/know.

That we are not Neo Barb militia gun nuts,just good people who realize that when seconds count, Law Enforcement is minutes, maybe even hours away. That we just want to be left in peace to protect our families and enjoy our gun sports.

That our hearts bleed as much as or even more when some random act of violence occurs. Because we know law abiding gun owners are going to get lumped in with the bad actors.

That I have asked over 100 people at what rate do you think lawful concealed carriers get arrested at in comparison to Law Enforcement. Never gotten an answer even close.


Many of my close friends are Democrats. I gave some of them pepper spray for the holidays and they seemed okay with that. They’d rather go down with the ship (like my 401k) than admit to getting a firearm.


I would agree with that off top!


I love that we can have a very serious conversation about events that have or may occur in one thread and kick back in another and laugh with each other.


Agreed @MikeBKY this is a great community.

Good people