What's your aftermath plan?

When you’re talking with the police after a self-defense situation, the USCCA recommends you:

  • Comply: Follow all police instructions.
  • Explain: “I was attacked, feared for my life & had to defend myself.”
  • Identify: Point out evidence, witnesses, and attacker.
  • Medical: Request medical attention, if necessary
  • Silence: “I will cooperate 100%, but first I need my attorney.”
    (Do not talk further without your lawyer present.)

After the initial conversation with the police, what’s your plan for the aftermath of a physical self-defense situation?


For medicinal purposes only!



What you said, and even Christian Counseling as well!

I don’t drink @MikeBKY, but on special occasions, and when we meet, Lord willing, We will pop that bottle.
The reason, I only do it on special occasions because the Lord delivered me through that story I told you Mike.


Bulleit is good, but Woodford Reserve Double-oaked is my favorite.


I’ve got bottles of both. Woodford is great but Bulleit is a good bourbon at a better price.

What about Old Popskull? “Ratified” whiskey, in the true southern tradition.

Not familiar with that one. But I also have a jar of apple pie moonshine in with the bourbon.

So, would anyone do anything besides drink? :thinking:

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Sorry @Dawn, I sent this in the wrong direction. After having a drink I would be discussing things with my attorney and my wife. (Attorney/client and spousal privileges) I would like to write down what I remember but I won’t because that would be subject to a search warrant. Work with your attorney to document everything as those conversations and anything written down are privileged attorney work product. Don’t discuss with any family except your spouse.

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LOL! We tend to go off topic on fun things and I don’t doubt a stiff drink would help calm the nerves of some people after such a horrific event.

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Make it a DOUBLE, please. ( I do not drink that, but it will calm the nerves some, afterwards.)

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INVOLK (spelling) the right to remain silent. Close mouth and not speak any more after that list .

Silence: “I will cooperate 100%, but first I need my attorney.”
(Do not talk further without your lawyer present.)

well done !!!


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As always @MikeBKY has excellent advice. Your mind is going to be going 500mph replaying everything that you saw, heard, did, smelled and tasted. You (in most cases) will want to DUMP ALL of it out to someone, let it be your lawyer or spouse.

In this instance I would measure my “two fingers” like this :metal: :yum:




As discussed in another thread, it is better to invoke your sixth amendment right to an attorney as opposed to invoking your fifth amendment right against self incrimination. There are times when invoking the 5th can be used against you. But, after invoking the 6th, you can no longer be questioned in the absence of your attorney.

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