Borrow a Gun?

I have not been to a gun store recently, but based on postings here I suspect supply is running low (or will be soon), and possibly the only remaining supply is the high end/expensive offerings.

With that in mind, I am mentally preparing for non-gun owner acquaintances to ask the question “is there any way I could borrow one of your guns for self-defense until this situation is over?”

My response is going to be a polite “no, because I am responsible for every bullet that leaves the barrel of every one of my guns.”

Just throwing this out there as food for thought, so if someone asks you, you are not blind-sided and already know what you will do. I am also looking for better worded responses :smiley:


I believe none of my neighbors know I have guns. And I’m OK with that.


I have a policy of not loaning out my tools, and that would include my guns.

That being said, there are one or two trusted individuals to whom I might consider selling one of my guns, but only with explicit documentation of the transfer of ownership. Couldn’t hurt, might help.


The only person I’ve talked to about borrowing a firearm is my mom. I offered, she didn’t want one.

She’s not anti-firearm anymore, but she doesn’t want a handgun in her home at this point (for herself, I carry when I’m there).

She does have a couple of long guns that she can defend herself with. I had to ask if she had ammo for them because I wasn’t sure she was prepared to defend herself. She does. :slight_smile:


There’s no one I trust enough except a couple of fellow gun owners and I expect I would ask them before they would need to ask me.


I would have to say ‘no’. Even if you ignored the legal risks, anyone who doesn’t currently own a gun likely doesn’t have the skills to just pick one up now. When things settle down again I would contact them about helping them choose a gun and get some practice in to be safe with it.

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I will be lending two tomorrow and enough ammo to win a good fight. The young lady in question is the daughter of my best friend and I have known her since she was 2 y/o. Her father did an excellent job of training her in all manner of firearms and she was a Maryland Small Bore Champion at age 14. She has a 22 (Gee go figure) but nothing of significant caliber for a ZA. Her new hubby is Military and is stuck in DC so his lack of presence increases her vulnerability so I’m going to put some teeth in it.




Yes and no. Some have never wanted a gun, but enjoy shooting. Are they 100% prepared to defend themselves with a firearm? Nope. Will they be able to defend themselves better with a firearm? In many cases yes. In many cases no.

I would say it’s a case by case basis. I know many friends of mine who are into guns, but never bit the bullet (had to!) and purchased until now.


If you ask me, is an untrained person with a gun bigger threat to themselves or to criminals – I’ll answer, to a criminal, and by a wide margin.

Assuming this is a close friend, and assuming its legal in your state, why not temporarily SELL the gun to your friend (private sale)? You could have an “unofficial” agreement to buy it back at a later time. This way your liability is handled if something were to happen during this time. Sorry, I think like a lawyer too much don’t I?

This makes me think of my dad; he always said if you need something badly enough to borrow it, then you need to own it.


In Oregon, a law passed a couple years ago, you have to be with the person using your gun or it’s a crime… for them to have the gun without you, you have to transfer it via FFL.

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There are VERY, VERY few I would loan a gun to. And all of the ones I can think of already have a gun. I would consider loaning a more appropriate gun to some of these people.

Couldn’t agree more, however if they feel the need for self defense he/she can watch my six, reload my mags, carry my water and follow orders. If the situation is gruesome (zombies charging and flanking) I may consider issuing one, and he/she gets to take point.
If I find out he/she is a anti2A liberal, I’ll shoot him/her my self, problem solved! I’ll take responsibility and ownership of that round.
I have absolutely no compassion for any enemy of my 2A rights.
Sounds to me like the last 48 hours have turned a whole bunch of arrogant anti’s into “temporary” believers. Don’t believe for one second they have jumped to our side. They just want your toilet paper.
How well do you know the acquaintance and have you ever taken them to the range. If not, the answer is stated above and you know in your heart the correct answer.

Peronally, I would not borrow a gun to anyone. I’ve given (gifted) guns to my sons, but that’s the extent of it. The way I look at it is if the person was serious about protecting themself, they would have done more sooner.
Matthew 25: 1-13 comes to mind.


In MO you can do a simple bill of sale (private sales are not regulated so no NICS or FFL needed) and for YOUR protection go to the bank and get it notarized for free! A few minutes time could save you a BUNCH of trouble down the road. No brainer really!

I just don’t think I could do it, no matter how well I knew them or even trusted them. Just too much can go wrong in this day and time and you never really truly know why they suddenly need it and if it’s just for future self defense purposes they can go make a purchase. Even if money is an issue you can find serviceable firearms relatively cheap, then upgrade down the road as needed. I would come a lot closer to loaning the money and letting them pass the background check and all the proper procedures than I would loaning one out. There’s a lot of solid firearms available under $300 and it’s probably very realistic that if a firearm is needed quickly you could round up enough stuff around the house not in use anymore and make that cash on eBay pretty fast. I purchased a Glock 23 that way in my early 20s.

With that being said, my wife has been “borrowing” my P229 since the day I bought it…

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