Ask an Attorney: Self-defense and a legal defense

Self-defense is an affirmative defense. Your attorney will have to show that certain triggering criteria and conditions were met in order to raise that defense.

Self-defense is self-defense, not stuff defense.

I love the way Tom Grieve breaks down the legalese in his videos. His explanations are easy-to-understand and enlightening about the law.

What other legal explanations would you find helpful for your self-defense training?

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Looks Wild West era was less complicated… If you cheated during poker, you were dead…

But seriously, we cannot follow emotions.
However it’s sometimes hard for me to understand that I cannot use my firearm to defend my property.
Whatever is mine shouldn’t be taken by anybody…
Just thinking aloud … :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:

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I think @Tom_Grieve calls it straight. It is a great summary of the law, generally. It is still important you are familiar with the law where you live, work and travel.


Hey mate, at least we can clearly and with ‘happyness’ have our cell phone out and recording video and high-resolution photographs of the perpetrators while they are in the act and we are awaiting law enforcement to arrive. It’s bittersweet emotions; but at least we’re not following the anger their acts engender, we’re appreciating the fact we’ll have them before a judge and off to whatever punishment their acts earn.

Ah! Remember, if things turn sideways the phone can take care of it’self.

I suppose someone will happily point out, better to spend the money on a few (or a lot of) well placed security cameras with high resolution and night vision so that one didn’t have to place one’s life at risk… If you could afford them… however, that’s between you and your attorney/adviser. It only makes sense NOT to risk exposure to escalation of one illegal act into something far worse.

@CHRIS4, good point. We are smarter (or should be) than perpetrators. And we have to use our knowledge against them. Technology is helping us. :+1:

I grew up in communist environment where everybody was punished for his mistakes. So that’s the reason my mind has hard time to accept differences between self-defense and stuff-defense.
I’ve been taught to fight for myself, my family and belongings. I hate if some looser wants to take something from me, because he is so indolent to earn it by himself.
It took me long, long time to understand the deadly weapon, how to deal with it, and when not to use it.