Warrior Poet Part 4

The USCCA and Warrior Poet Society have teamed up to take you along one couple’s path to self-defense readiness.

Self-defense, home defense and concealed carry are all journeys, not set destinations.

Here is the fourth and final episode of this series.

What did you learn from this series?


I learned that self defense is not only about firearms or taking a life because you were justified in defending yourself, but I also learned that defense is preparing your home and yourself for any attack that can come upon you or your family.

I wasn’t happy the last time this video series ran, because I noted the verbiage: counter ambush, ambush, and the military verbiage of fallback and reinitiate contact and are all contrary to what the USCCA teaches.

I guarantee in a SD shooting case you go into a courtroom and say that you got early warning and you went to your primary AMBUSH site and AMBUSHED the intruder, but failed to stop the intruder, so you fell back to your secondary AMBUSH site and AMBUSHED the intruder again. That the DA is going to eat you alive.

You just can’t say sh*t like that. Someone new to SD does this and then says it in court well thanks USCCA for helping with the court costs but I lost my SD case because I used loaded military terminology words that made me sound like I wanted to kill someone.

Jesus wept.


That’s why your membership card tell’s you not to say anything until you speak to your attorney. They can help you choose how to phrase a statement you give, if they decide you should give one at all. He presents things using terminology that has been pounded into his head through tons of repetition meant to keep him alive in the worst situations as a Ranger. He’s not coaching you in courtroom verbiage.

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I know very well who John Lovell is.

Perhaps you should look up how many people are told not to talk to the police without their attorney present yet do it anyway.

What does the USCCA say over and over when you get into a self defense scenario. All. Thought. Goes. Out. The. Window. All. You. Are. Left. With. Is. Muscle. Memory. Super Secret :chipmunk: You. Go. Back. To. Your. Training. And. How. You. Trained.

There are literally millions of new gun owners out there right now. Who do not have the experience with training or understanding of the traps for the unwary in the legal aftermath. If this was their first training this is what they are going to say.

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While I’m certain that is the case in a lot of situations, if you have the wherewithal to pull out your membership card to call USCCA, hopefully you have the same to read the 4 easy steps also located on the card.

Take what you find useful out of the videos, the tactics, and don’t worry about using his verbiage.

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