Proving Your Innocence

Let’s face it: Talking about guns, gear and going to the range is a lot less stressful than talking about the legal portion of self-defense.

Knowing that you may face legal consequences for physically defending yourself can be downright scary.

What do you do to help mitigate your legal risk and help illustrate your self-defense training and knowledge?


Great question.
I love the training and classes when the brain takes over muscle memory. Simple Shoot-Don’t Shoot scenarios are the great example.
During the classes I’m attending, in most cases I have to make decision what to do, which in my case means - “OMG, can I legally do this?” I’ve got dozen thoughts in my head before taking the shot.
What helps me to make the proper decision? Books, videos, blogs, podcasts -I’ve got three names: Massad Ayoob, Andrew Branca and Don West. USCCA also has good resources. After listening, reading and watching wise people the proper decision comes very easy. There is no more scary. You just know, whatever you do - you do this right.


I think the biggest issue is social media, including this site. At any time a subpoena can be issued to any web site or forum you participate in and anything you have typed can be used against you. So it pays to be polite and professional. In my case you need to know a whole lot about me before you can even find me. My son is a white hat hacker who obviously knows a lot about me and he has actively searched for me and came up with bumpkis. That said he did find me on YouTube but only because he knows what I look like but I was identified by a different name because I was a last minute fill in for a police sniper competition. As to my training I have grad certs from a boat load of 1990’s high end shooting schools, they are in a milk crate or 6 in the attic somewhere along with all the certificates for my medals and ribbons. If it came down to a civil suit or court I am fairly well defensible as long as I was right in my actions from the start.

My primary EDC is highly modified but there are justifications for everything I have done to it to and including replacing parts for wear.

My best legal defense is to not be where I need to shoot someone.




With recent developments and seeing how the while St Louis thimg went down. Instead of coming out armed. I think staging prepared to defend my family is best. And so long as nothing threatens the structure of my house I’ll leave it alone. However if someone comes within throwing distance with a molotov cocktail the that is a threat of deadly force and will be met with deadly force. I am NOT going to come out and show force. However I have the luxury of my house being pretty far off the road. So by the time they get within that distance self defense will not be a question


I don’t do stupid stuff with stupid people at stupid times and stupid places.

I keep any training certifications I have in a big binder in my safe.

I have 2 safes one for ammo and competition guns, one for SD/HD firearms and ammo.

I keep a binder with receipts, pictures and serial numbers of all my firearms.

I keep my membership to my gun range current and show that I shoot at least a couple of times a.month.

I keep my coverage with the USCCA on an auto draft ( though due to the nature of how prolific a poster I am I worry that may be used against me but as someone said "the totality of what you post on social media is what you can defend yourself with. I think I’m ok with that.

Last but not least I try to keep learning and brushing up on skills and being open to learning new things.