Other aspects of Self-Defense


We train - a lot - for our physical self-defense. But how much training do we do for the situation surrounding the actual need to pull the trigger defensively?

“…you must think about your actions before they occur. You must also know the legal implications of those actions. My suggestion when it comes to such things is this: Know the laws. Be proficient with your defensive tools. Avoid every fight you can.”

What do you do to train for your legal defense?


The hard part is vigilance or consistency. I work hard at avoiding situations where I will be confronted with a threat. I am careful about the time of day I am out doing business. I look around me before getting out of my car. I check out the area before I park my car. I keep my card with the number for my USCCA insurance handy and I have to number in my phone. I also realize that none of that protects me 100 percent of the time. I might get lazy or distracted and end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I have been on vacation and ended up staying in a less that reputable part of town than I would normally pick because of having work done on my vehicle. I have been lucky and haven’t had to use maximum force yet but I have deployed Pepper gel once. Turned out to be a 5150 case but it was still uncomfortable. The only practice I have been able to do involves home defense though I have modified the drill a bit when I am at the range using the cell phone and pretending to dial 911.

The home drill has my wife and I retreating to the back bedroom. We pretend that someone has broken into the house and we are responded. I pretend to pull the mattress down off of the bed and have my wife hide behind it. I place the phone extension on the dresser as if I have already dialed the police or 911. I then get the shotgun with light attachment and rack an imaginary round. I also have a handgun. I say in a loud voice so any intruder can hear, I am armed and the police have been notified. Don’t make me shoot you. I keep this up till the invader leaves or I have to engage. At least in theory because it is a practice drill.

In reality besides the alarm system going off and a call from our security over the control panel the dog would be making an incessant noise and those two things may have expedited the fleeing or confrontation.

That is my plan anyway.

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