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Protecting a home from unwanted visitors is a serious concern no matter where you live, and it requires appropriate training. Unfortunately, there is a lack of home-defense-specific training. But that doesn’t mean you should become lax when you prepare your home and take precautions.

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I agree with everything except of the position of the firearm. When training I keep mine at the chest level in the ready position, I also practice with a rifle with a light and a shotgun as well. I carry a light with my pistol as well in another hand to use to blind the attacker or invader and also for target acquisition. However, as stated, train, train and then train some more. I also involve my family members.

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Great job by the father. His situational awareness was the key.

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I believe the Dad seen ahead what might be happening and took the exact action to stop the threat right in it’s tracks and had his gun ready as the attacker made his first move.

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Daylightsburning, whow in three seconds this father and husband stopped a life threatening threat . That was not accident. The man was prepared.

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Very well prepared, seemed like all was done right. This is the first real life video I’ve seen. Thank you and please do more of these.

An excellent job of situational awareness and being totally prepared in his mindset for the encounter as was needed. There was no hesitation in his actions and the situation was handled as it should have been. Definitely setting an example for all of us how the real world would come down and how fast it may and will occur.

Our defender had the element of surprise in that the criminal expected victims and not a defender. Home “security” systems are monitoring systems – security is provided by the defender. Our home is monitored by a security monitoring company, it is protected by me (and my family).

This is a great study. Along with gaining reinforcement on some lessons I’d seen before, I learned something new about positioning yourself to defend in this type of situation. By being behind his family on the way in, he kept the way clear for defending from behind. The flip side is that I tend to open my house door so I can see that no criminal is inside before my family enters.

Excellent discussion and vid. Appreciate the post Kevin. Any chance future vid’s can be posted to rumble.com in place of or in addition to youtube.? I will no longer click on or redistribute youtube links due to the politics of the google/youtube organization, choosing to not fund the destruction of our freedom.

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That guy will forever be his family’s hero. I’ve been a pocket carrier for years, carrying a Ruger .380 in a De Santis pocket holster. It’s a comfortable carry for me, and allows me a lot of freedom of movement when I used to work, however it requires a lot of practice to draw and shoot like the defender did. I practice regularly, but hopefully I’ll never have to use my skills to defend myself or anyone around me. But I’m definitely ready if required.
Anyone know the outcome of this incident for the defender and the attacker?

Excellent response by the homeowner! Please continue with these videos. They are great training tools and the commentary afterwards is excellent too!

God bless all those responders. I couldn’t see the perp because of poor film lighting. The last I could see was the little girl going inside. Didn’t see the perp on the lawn; any firearms anywhere - NOT ONE GUN.