USCCA Training VIdeos

I’ve been taking advantage of the training videos, particularly the live action situational awareness videos. In watching these videos I’ve found myself even more diligent than I used to be. I always thought about keeping my head on a swivel and maintain a safe distance between my wife and me and a potential threat. In watching these videos I’ve experienced real, visceral emotions and felt as if I was in a real life threat situation.
If you haven’t watched these videos I strongly suggest you do. They are well done, they use real people not actors and responses are really happening to the people in the video. These videos offer a glimpse into active shooter situations, robbery active shooter and even possible hostage situations. These are things we all need to train for because I feel this is where our world is going. GOD forbid I ever have to use my weapon to defend my wife, me or a stranger, but I’d rather have training for the real life situations than go to a range and plug away at a paper target. The value I perceived when joining has increased ten-fold since I began the training videos. Thanks for reading.
God Bless America (and you). HOO-RAH!


They are some great videos to watch and learn or refresh the memories.


There’s this as well…


It’s great to hear you found so much value in those and I will be sure to pass that along to our training team. They always enjoy hearing that the work they do is helping others be better protectors for themselves an their families.

Since watching the videos, what are you going to do different to be more aware as you are out in public and what training are you going to start doing?


Yes I agree that those videos are great training tools for situational awareness. I come from 20 years of law enforcement and while I’m watching these videos I say to myself the older you get the more you forget. These videos refresh my memory about certain aspects of training which I went through in the police department. I moved to a more peaceful state in VA. and sometimes it can cause you to become somewhat lackadaisical. It’s happened with me. So when I watch the videos it reminds me to become more aware of your surroundings and they are realistic situations which can actually happen in everyday life. Let’s not get lackadaisical and continue to train especially as we get older.


I have learned a great deal about so many areas of information that I probobly never would have sought out on my own. They really are fantastic