What is your favorite USCCA Training Video?


This one may get you sucked into watching hundreds of training videos on our YouTube Channel… Sorry (not sorry, because it will help your training!)

What is your favorite Training Video on our YouTube Channel?


Here’s one of my favorites. I like the Into the Fray videos. A lot of guys make videos solely with drills that make you shoot better, but these videos engage your mind. Always engage your mind before your trigger. The most important 6 inches of a battlefield are in between your ears.


I like this one

I show it to those that say “you can just point a shotgun in the room and hit them all.” And yes, I have a shotgun for home defense, and am away of what pattern it throws at the distance it would be inside my home, with the ammo I use for home defense.
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In my opinion I don’t have a favorite. They are all equally excellent, important, informative and provide me with “reminders” of things I may have let slide over the course of my CCW years.