Online videos

how do i get to the online videos. I can never find it


If you are referring to the training videos go to your Dashboard and click on Education & Training and then Videos. :+1:

On your USCCA portal when you login go to your DASHBOARD and click on Education and Training and then click on videos.

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There are a number of different places to find USCCA Training Videos, @tina6. Check out your dashboard as @BRUCE26 and @Johnnyq60 suggested:
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Also, check out our USCCA YouTube Channel:

There are also a smattering of videos throughout the Community. Search the topic you’re looking for and check out the related threads.

Does that help?


Yes mam you are right I just never mention the YouTube channel because I am used to using the USCCA dashboard. Thanks for the reminder. Have a blessed day.

Don’t forget about the guides & weekly training witch have good information too

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Alright, thanks