Proving Grounds videos

Where are the Proving Grounds videos? Are they all organized and thumb-nailed or listed on a single page or section of the website? Or are they scattered all around?

Happening by accident upon a couple of them, from their URLs they appear to be in the Blog section. But there is nothing on the Blog homepage that I have been able to find that says “Proving Grounds” or otherwise provides a link to an organized list of the Proving Grounds videos.


Hi @Buzz!

I think these might be the videos you are looking for.

Login to your USCCA Dashboard, go to Education and Training, then on to Videos.


I’m not sure if you can find “Proving Ground” at Blog section.
The best way to have an access to USCCA videos is to subscribe to their YouTube Channel so you don’t miss anything.
To watch “Proving Ground”, just open USCCA Channel and go to PLAYLISTS:


Thanks for the info.


The reason I mention the Blog section is because when you find a Proving Ground video on the USCCA website, the URL is But if you go to USCCA’s blog page, you won’t find anything there related to “Proving Ground” so far as I can see.
If you go to the USCCA YouTube channel, you can do a search for “Proving” and find a Proving Ground section. There are 18 videos there, but only a few of them are actually Proving Ground videos.

Thanks again.