Youtube favorites, who's yours?


I have a variety of youtubers I follow, including USSCA of course, and two that I watch somewhat religiously.

Paul Harrell, great and very thorough videos.

tnoutdoors9, amazing ammo tests. Very detailed and meticulous.


Hickok45, Legally Armed America are a couple I like.

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Hickock 45, Pat Mac, Clint Smith, the dude from forgotten weapons. A couple others I can’t remember.


Lol…Kevin M with USCCA has some of the best!! Really enjoy his INTO THE FREY. Sorry Kevin M if you read this before I edited. Honest Typo!!!

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You’re safe! He didn’t see the other name you called him :wink: LOL!

(Kevin’s awesome! When he reads this I expect to get a PM over our work chat asking me what you called him. I’ll give him a fun answer. :smiley: )

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Uhhh… dont make him hate me! I enjoy his commentary and knowledge. I feel He honestly makes the 2A community more educated and prepared! I am a big fan!

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My favorites are Forgotten Weapons, C&Rsenal, Mrgunsngear, Hickock 45, and IV8888 to name a few. If you are really into the mechanical workings of older rifles and machine guns, look up VBBSMYT. Nonsensical name, but the guy makes fantastic animations.


I’d never make him hate you! :slight_smile: Kevin’s too understanding for that. He may give you a hard time, but that’s all!

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I enjoy nutfancy, mr guns and gear, John Lovell the poet warrior and James Yeager.

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Hickok45, Sootch, Demolition Ranch, TNOutdoors, Plinkster22, Military Arms Channel, HankStrange and of course the USCCA channel. I even watch TheYankeeMarshall sometimes.

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I primarily watch the TNOutdoors and just got into watching the USCCA channels. Didn’t know they existed until a few months ago.

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I like watching knockoutlights in addition to some mentioned above.


Active Self Protection, John Correia breaks down actual videos (often people die in them) in a calm manner. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s extremely valuable information.


I heard if you watch the Yankee Marshal, and you’re a guy, you instantly find yourself wearing pink, lace thongs. Pardon me for a minute, I think I’ve got a wedgie.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: haha!

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USCCA, Hickok45, Warrior Poet, Scootch00, Black Rifle Coffee and a few other’s


I like all of the training videos from USCCA. I also like the videos that SHOOTING USA has as well.


Active self protection and Warrior poet society are a must!