What Are your Favorite/Go To Gun Related YouTube Channels


Besides the USCCA channel that is.

I’ve relied a lot early in my journey into gun ownership on Hickok45. I also study the videos…especially the torture tests over at the Military Army Channel and a friend of mine recently steered me towards a gentleman named Paul Harrell…he’s kinda quirky in his delivery style…but he’s very educational.

What are your favorites?

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I really enjoy John Lovell the warrior poet. He talks more in detail than others about mindset and preparation, he does some gear and tatics.

I also enjoy James Yeager with Tactical Reponse, I don’t mind his straight forward in your face approach because it seems like he cares and just doesnt have time to waste with feelings. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoy the dose of straight up truth.


Definitely Warrior Poet! Also enjoy Active Self Protection, T Rex Arms, And gun talk media. Plenty to keep ya entertained


Welcome Wesley! I have to check those out!


My youtube channels are:

  • Active Self Protection
  • GunGuyTV
  • hickok45
  • The Daily Shooter

Good place to learned about guns and laws!


Personal Defense Network although to get full length training videos you would have to sign up for a membership on their website like I did. Here is a link to the YouTube section:


Rob Pincus is a terrific instructor.

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Active Self Protection is an excellent self defense site.

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Scootch 00
Demolition Ranch
Kentucky Ballistics
Military Arms Channel
Jerry Miculek
Paul Harrell
Guns and Gadgets
And, all though he is pretty brash, the Yankee Marshall.

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