Sources for online training?

What are some good virtual online training material. I know in person classes are best. That being said, they can be expensive and we’ve been stuck at home for the most part.

My favorite information I get comes from YouTube. TFB is for tech but mostly entertainment. Paul Harrell is probably my favorite. His content is informative, practical, and he has a very empirical method to his content. I watch some Warrior poet society. Lucky gunner has some good vids. I’ve seen some Active Self Protect (I have mixed feelings about there channel, not that my opinion matters), lately I’ve been finding any ounce of Clint Smith from thunder ranch that I can squeeze out of the internet. I look at articles and discussions here.

What other channels or recourses would you recommend? I’m looking into some of thunder ranches at Home material but it can be pricy.

I’m currently at home 99% of the time thanks to work from home, and Covid 19. I am not avoiding all paid content as long as it’s good and not unreasonable.


Quarantine gives us the option for virtual training. No doubts.
YouTube, fry firing and laser training are what I live with now.

My YT list:

  • Active Self Protection (the best mental training)
  • Personal Defense Net (the best virtual firearm training)
  • Carry Trainer
  • Shooting-Performance Firearms Training
  • Tactical Performance Center
  • Warrior Poet Society
  • Wilson Combat - Gun Guys series (better than any book, great for evening listening with glass of Rum)

Have you checked out the training on your USCCA Dashboard yet?


I actually can’t find it on my dashboard. I’ve been looking.

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@Daniel151, look on the left side of dashboard. Expand menu.

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I’m looking for a Michigan Legal Video to add to my CPL classes I do virtual
Does anyone in Michigan have one to share?

To add some more options:

Panteo Productions - gets you Kyle Lamb, Travis Haley, Pat Mac, some Massad Ayoob.
Tim Kennedy from Sheepdog Response
Mike Glover with Fieldcraft Survival

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