New Shooters: Online Training

There are many sources for online training that promise to help you improve your accuracy and speed. Some are very valid sources of training and others are a little more out there with their suggestions. And not all of them are safety conscious.

Online training can hugely improve your knowledge of firearms, safety, first aid, best practices and more when it’s quality training material – like the USCCA’s Protector Academy which is available to all of our members.

Does your state allow online training for your concealed carry permit? (Not sure, check out our reciprocity map for the laws in your state.)

For those of you of any experience level, what is the best online training you’ve done?

In recognition of all of the awesome women who are taking their first steps on their self-defense journey, we’re offering a special rate on our Women’s Handgun Fundamentals e-learning! Save a lot and learn a lot! Find out more here!

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When doing online pistol training, be careful not to shoot your screen.

Mike Seeklander’s Training Program:

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